Ship Museum Says Boats Aren’t Women Any More

Boats and ships in the care of the Scottish Maritime Museum are about to be subtly renamed, as it's been decided to stop imagining the boats as bizarre metal women of the sea, and end the practise of referring to boats as her/she. Read More >>

CES 2019: I’m on a Boat—in the Middle of the Desert

I don’t have my swim trunks or my flippy-floppies, and there aren’t any dolphins anywhere, but you can’t stop me ‘cause I’m on a boat. Read More >>

Paddle Steamer Sinks on Way to new Owner

Something sad but also a bit funny has happened out at sea, where historically important paddle steamer MV Oliver Cromwell managed to sink while on a delivery run to its new owner. The poor old steamer's embarrassment was increased thanks to an embedded photographer on the RNLI boat sent out to watch it go down, capturing its sinking and exposed arse. Read More >>

Massive Lego Ship is World’s Biggest, But Only an Advert

A company that operates big ships for real has made a fantastic one for pretend too, with Dream Cruises deciding to use 2.5 million Lego bricks to (a) get in the Guinness World Records, and (b) get people like us to spread the word of its for-real boats. Read More >>

This Two-Month Timelapse Gives You a Free Front Row Seat on a Mediterranean Cruise

Even a heavily discounted ocean cruise is still going to cost you a few hundred dollars, which is money you don’t have to spend thanks to Fran Garcia, who mounted a GoPro camera to the freighter he was working on as it sailed back and forth across the Mediterranean Sea. Read More >>

Politician Names Boat ‘Ferry McFerryface’, Blames It On the Public When They Actually Voted For Something Else

When Sydney, Australia decided to have a public vote to name a new ferry, there were worries that residents might choose something ridiculous. So when the winning name was announced as Ferry McFerryface, most people (including us) assumed that it was just another stupid vote gone wrong. But that’s not what happened at all. Read More >>

the grand tour
The Grand Tour is a Record Breaker, as Jeremy Clarkson Breaks a Water Speed Record

Well it looks like The Grand Tour will join Top Gear as a record-breaking car show, after Jeremy Clarkson broke a water speed record while filming. Read More >>

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Daredevil Finds a Way to Make White Water Rafting Even More Dangerous

White water rapids are Mother Nature’s way of telling humans to find another route to their destination. Even with proper safety gear like a helmet and life jacket, navigating tumultuous currents like this is a risky thrill. But it gets exponentially more dangerous when you stack six rafts atop each other and attempt to shoot the rapids. Read More >>

This Month-Long Timelapse of Life at Sea Makes Me Want to Sail the World

There are certainly some downsides to working aboard a massive container ship that criss-crosses the world’s oceans for months at a time. But through the lens of JeffHK’s timelapse camera, it’s hard to imagine a more soothing and relaxing career choice than roaming the open sea. Read More >>

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Kayaking Through an Abandoned Shipwreck Is Like Discovering an Ancient Alien Spaceship

Mother Nature has done a good job at dotting the planet with hidden caves and caverns that yield amazing footage once they’re discovered. Humans have created similarly spectacular secret locales, albeit accidentally, as this kayaker discovered while paddling through the abandoned MV E Evangelia cargo ship off the coast of Romania. Read More >>

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Watch This Heroic Captain Use His Boat’s Powerful Jet Stream to Put Out a Massive Fire

It doesn’t take long for a grass fire to turn into a raging inferno that sweeps through entire forests, so a pair of quick-thinking boaters in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, used their jet boat to create a massive rooster tail that helped douse the flames before firefighters arrived on scene. Read More >>

Londoners Trusted to be in Charge of a 4mph Electric Boat

A new miniature equivalent of Uber for Boats has launched in London, with GoBoat ready to unleash the horror that is groups of businessmen and tourists tooling about unsupervised on the city's iconic canal routes. Read More >>

Uber for Boats Arrives in Europe

There is now an official splinter group within Uber dedicated solely to boats, with UberBOAT about to go live for bookings in and around the coast of Croatia. Read More >>

Exclusive: Think Boaty McBoatface is Bad? We Reveal What The Research Ship Could Have Been Named

Last Spring the British public took part in a major vote - one that would have profound consequences for generations to come. No, not the EU referendum, but the competition held by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to name their new £200m polar research ship. Read More >>

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Dreamy Slo-Mo Footage of Dolphins Chasing a Boat Will Make Your Day More Manageable

As you stare at your computer screen on a slow afternoon, you’re probably wondering why your job doesn’t involve majestic dolphins and stunning background scenery. We don’t have any answers for you, but at least there’s a fullscreen option so you can temporarily forget all those emails you’re avoiding. Read More >>