Exclusive: Think Boaty McBoatface is Bad? We Reveal What The Research Ship Could Have Been Named

Last Spring the British public took part in a major vote - one that would have profound consequences for generations to come. No, not the EU referendum, but the competition held by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to name their new £200m polar research ship. Read More >>

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Dreamy Slo-Mo Footage of Dolphins Chasing a Boat Will Make Your Day More Manageable

As you stare at your computer screen on a slow afternoon, you’re probably wondering why your job doesn’t involve majestic dolphins and stunning background scenery. We don’t have any answers for you, but at least there’s a fullscreen option so you can temporarily forget all those emails you’re avoiding. Read More >>

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Boaty McBoatface Is Going On Its First Trip

The submersible named by people who think "that's what she said" is the height of intelligent comedy, Boaty McBoatface, is embarking on its maiden voyage this week. Read More >>

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This Maniac Just Crossed the Atlantic on a Goddamn Paddleboard

When it comes to pushing oneself towards greatness, some of us vow to read more books or sign up for a 5K run. Others try to learn a new skill, like woodworking. Chris Bertish, however, decided to become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a paddleboard because he is a crazy man. Read More >>

Construction Finally Begins on Chinese Titanic Replica That Simulates the Disaster

A few years ago, plans were announced for a life-size replica of the Titanic, the luxury ship whose sinking inspired a very expensive movie and some great blogs. On Wednesday, construction of the large fake boat finally began. Read More >>

Houseboat Gifted to ‘Homeless Youth’ Washes Up Empty on Other Side of Atlantic

This weekend, a mysterious, tar-covered houseboat apparently built by a Canadian adventurer was discovered unoccupied on Irish beach — some 3,000 miles from where it was last seen. Read More >>

Royal Navy Tests Autonomous Surveillance Speedboat on Thames, Doesn’t Crash

The Thames has seen more than its fair share of weird stuff this week. Just a day after having a giant floating model of London burned on top of it, the river has been used as a testing ground for one of the Royal Navy’s newest toys. Read More >>

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Racing Hydroplanes Looks Terrifying

Hydroplane racing seems like one of those sports where fans only watch in hopes of seeing a spectacular crash. Read More >>

A New Petition’s Calling for Sir David Attenborough to be Renamed Boaty McBoatface

Gary Jackson, we salute you. Following the gut-wrenching news that the UK’s new £200 million polar research ship will be named RRS Sir David Attenborough rather than Boaty McBoatface -- Solon and Pericles would be ashamed -- he’s set up a new petition calling for everyone’s favourite naturalist to change his name. Read More >>

Boaty McBoatface Will Actually Be Called RRS Sir David Attenborough

Democracy is a sham, if you’re naming a boat at least. Despite Boaty McBoatface winning a public vote as the name for a new polar research ship, the vessel will in fact be known as RRS Sir David Attenborough. Read More >>

How to Turn a Supply Vessel Into a £42 Million Luxury Yacht

Most million-pound luxury yachts just look like giant versions of the cabin cruisers you can find at a local marina. The Kilkea, however, is based on a supply vessel platform, so it has a unique industrial look to it. But with an estimated price tag of £42 million, it promises to be far more luxurious than a freighter. Read More >>

Boaty McBoatface Won the Poll to Name a £200 Million Research Ship

In case you needed more evidence that the internet, left unfettered, is awful: Boaty McBoatface has now won the poll to name an upcoming polar research vessel. Read More >>

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Giant Yacht Carrier Sinks Into the Water to Swallow Ships and Then Rises to Transport Them

This is fun. Watch as this yacht carrier, the Super Servant 4, lowers its deck into the water so that tiny yachts and normal yachts and super yachts can all float and steer themselves on the water into their water parking spaces. Read More >>

Self-Captaining Autonomous Warboat Tested by US Military

US military development hotbed DARPA has released footage of its latest autonomous creation, revealing a submarine-hunting warship that apparently has the ability to go about its business all by itself. Until it connects to the internet and starts harpooning whales for a laugh and to gather retweets after 36 hours and has to be taken offline. Read More >>

This is Why You Don’t Ask The Internet To Name Things

The UK Natural Environment Research Council has a £200 million polar research vessel set for construction, and for some reason, they decided it was a good idea to ask the internet to come up with a name for it. Read More >>