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Bullet-Testing Body Armour Made From T-Shirts, Paper, and Tape

This test of homemade body armour by Demolition Ranch reads like the old fable of the Three Little Pigs. This little piggy made body armour out of T-Shirts. This little piggy used gaffer tape. And this one used a stack of printer paper. Which homemade body armour can withstand the big bad wolf bullet? Read More >>

A Full Suit of Body Armour Is Your “This Is How I Fend Off the Ladies” Deal of the Day

Looking to stand out from the crowd, while being aware of possible threats to your person? We’ve found an outfit that is (literally) tailor-made for your specific needs. Read More >>

Astounding Gentleman Shoots Himself in the Stomach Point Blank to Test Body Armour

If you need any further proof why handguns should be illegal across the pond or that the human race doesn't deserve to exist, watch this intrepid amateur scientist blast himself with a 10mm round at point blank. Why? Fer testin'! Read More >>

Future Soldiers Could Go to War Wearing Fish-Scale Armour

Piranha have a well-earned reputation for being able and willing to eat just about anything in their path. One of the few exceptions is the Arapaima, a 1.8-metre-long, 136kg Amazonian predator with bony scales capable of withstanding the toothy onslaught. Researchers are now working to adapt the Arapaima's defenses to protect our own squishy bits. Read More >>