Cheeky Body-Mod Gives This Man Three Mouth Holes

Oh, you've got your nose pierced? That's cool. If you really want to send a conservative parent or other half berserk though, what you really need to invest in is a pair of 1.5-inch flesh tunnel holes in the sides of your face. Read More >>

The Extreme Plastic Surgery Transformation of a Korean Reporter

Except in extreme cases, I don't think plastic surgery is a good idea for any human being. But when someone is attractive to begin with—like this South Korean reporter—I just can't comprehend the reasons. Look at the before and after shots. Read More >>

The Freaky, Bioelectric Future of Tattoos

The world loves tattoos. From tribal designs to tramp stamps, across cultures and borderlines, we can't get enough ink. But even multi-billion dollar industries must innovate. But what on Earth does tattoo innovation look like? What are we going to do next? Make them light up, or monitor our health, or turn into computers? What is the future of tattoos? Read More >>

Injecting Saline Into Your Forehead to Make You Look Like a Klingon Is Simply Insane

In the loveable lug Homer, The Simpsons gave us a man perpetually thinking of doughnuts. Now, the latest trend sweeping Japan has unleashed a horde of extreme-modification enthusiasts who quite literally have doughnuts on their minds, and all in the name of cosplay, apparently. Read More >>