This New Handheld Device Detects Your Smelly Body Odour Before Your Co-Workers Do

Skyrocketing temperatures, unbearable humidity, and sweaty armpits all add up to one embarrassing side effect of the summer: body odour. But despite being literally under your nose, it’s not always easy to tell if your deodorant is winning the battle against BO, so Japan’s Tanita has created an electronic nose that can quickly confirm whether or not you stink. Read More >>

Your Hatred of Body Odour Reveals Your Inner Dictator, Study Finds

There’s been no shortage of pundit pontification and data analysis that’s tried to figure out why people voted for now President Donald Trump in the 2016 election. But a new study published today in Royal Society Open Science suggests that one seemingly unrelated behavioural quirk might have played a small role: An abject hatred of BO. Read More >>

Your Body Odour Could Help Make Airport Security a Breeze

Forget retina scans and fingerprints. Turns out, body odour is a shockingly accurate biometric identifier. And according to new research from a team of Spanish scientists, it could change the way security checkpoints work. Read More >>