Boeing Says Suspected WannaCry Attack Only Hit ‘Small Number of Systems,’ Not Including Planes

A facility in the US state of South Carolina owned by aerospace and defence contracting giant Boeing was hit by a WannaCry attack on Wednesday, the Seattle Times reported, but the company is now trying to tamp down fears that the dreaded ransomware is back on the rise after it was only barely snuffed out last year. Read More >>

Russian Hackers Tricked the Keepers of US Drone Secrets Using the Oldest Trick in the Book

A new investigation by the Associated Press has revealed that a whopping 40 per cent of 87 American defence contractors who were recently targeted by Russian hackers clicked on fake links sent to them via email, possibly exposing classified information in the process. Read More >>

Boeing Starliner Astronauts Are Going to Have the Most Space Punk Boots

Astronauts are golden retrievers of human beings. The rest of us have to live vicariously through their resplendent existences while we sit back and watch hours of cats reacting to fidget spinners. Now, Reebok has decided to make our astronaut envy even worse—it’s finally revealed the space boots for Boeing Starliner astronauts and goddamn are they fly. Read More >>

Boeing’s Proposed Deep Space Explorer Will be Our Stepping Stone to Mars

With everyone in such a rush to get the hell off this planet, we’re going to need some pretty sophisticated digs to ferry us to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Thankfully, Boeing’s all over it: On April 3rd, the company revealed its concepts for a lunar outpost and a deep space explorer. I’m not one to dole out compliments but damn do they look good. Read More >>

Watch Live as ISS Astronauts Spacewalk to Install a New Door

Home improvement projects are rarely interesting, unless you’re an astronaut. Right now NASA’s Kate Rubins and Jeff Williams are installing the first of two new docking adapters into the side of the International Space Station which will accommodate Boeing and SpaceX crafts. Read More >>

SpaceX and Boeing are Getting a Parking Spot on the ISS

Late next year, if all goes to plan, SpaceX and Boeing will begin sending American astronauts up to the International Space Station, ending Russia’s monopoly on the ticket to orbit. In anticipation of the new space taxis, NASA is now building its commercial partners a parking spot. Read More >>

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Inside the Workshop You Need to Build the World’s Largest Composite Wings

Boeing is busy developing its next ultra-efficient commercial jetliner, the 777x, and one of its biggest features — quite literally — are its wings. This amazing facility is where they’ll be made. Read More >>

Sitting in a 737 Jet Engine Chair Turns Anyone Into a Supervillain

Mother Teresa? Ghandi? It doesn’t matter how nice or upstanding a human being you might be, the second you plunk yourself down in a chair made from the remains of a Boeing 737's massive jet engine, you’ll immediately be mistaken for a comic book-caliber supervillain. Whether or not that’s a bad thing is up to you. Read More >>

Boeing Wants to Make Weather Testing Planes Easier With 3D-Printed Fake Ice

Even on a hot summer day, the outside temperature at 30,000 feet can hit 50 below zero. Ice forming on a plane’s fuselage is inevitable, despite how dangerous it can be. So to help ensure planes can survive freezing temps, Boeing is developing fake plastic ice to make it easier to test its aircraft. Read More >>

Watch This Absurd 10-Minute Video on How to Land a Plane In an Emergency

Tim Morgan, a commercial pilot with years of experience, has created a ten minute video he claims will help anyone safely land a 737 in an emergency. The notion that someone could plop down in a cockpit, with zero experience, and pilot a 737 to a safe landing is ludicrous, but that doesn’t make this video any less fascinating. Read More >>

Boeing Wants to Turn the Interiors of its Planes Into Giant Screens

The use of mood lighting on planes has almost become cliché — ahem, Virgin — but what if airlines could take that idea a bit further, by actually using LEDs and projected imagery to wholly improve the flying experience? Boeing has a decent idea for what a well-lit plane of the future might feel like. Read More >>

Microlattice Air Metal Could be the Next Big Thing in Aeroplane Design

A new method of building metal things that only weigh as much as foam things is being instigated by the tube-makers at Boeing, who claim that their new "microlattice" metal structures have all the strength of traditional metal but virtually none of the weight. Read More >>

Boeing Wants to Harvest Electricity From the Roar of Your Plane Taking Off 

Jet engines are extraordinarily loud at roughly 140 decibels; airports have struggled with mitigating their deafening roar since the early days of commercial flight. An engineer at Boeing wants to make the cacophony more useful, if not silence it for good. Read More >>

This is How Boeing is Building the First Commercial Starliner Spacecraft

NASA and Boeing have released a little teaser on their newest spacecraft, the CST-100 Starliner, which will be built and tested at Kennedy Space Center and hopefully, eventually taxi people to space. Read More >>