Bolivia’s Forest Fires Have Left More Than 2 Million Animals Dead

Not all animals can escape when fire comes burning through the forest. In Bolivia, millions of animals are likely dead as a result of the raging forest fires that continue to burn across the region, including the Amazon. Read More >>

Scientists Say This Society Has the Healthiest Hearts On Earth

Researchers have identified the Tsimane people as having the healthiest hearts in the world. As expected, diet and exercise are believed to be responsible for the population's incredible heart health well into old age. What’s perhaps most surprising about their diet is how heavy it is in carbs. Read More >>

Photos of These Bolivian Salt Flats Perfectly Reflect the Night Sky

Since finding a perfectly dark sky is rare in our electrically-powered world, we at Gizmodo like to highlight the areas that still remain and the photography projects that explore them. This week’s photo series comes from the Altiplano salt flats (Salar de Uyuni) in Bolivia, where a team journeyed to the site and captured some amazing images. Read More >>

Culture Plays a Major Role in the Kind of Music We Enjoy 

Scientists have been studying the origins of musical taste for years. There’s certainly evidence for biological influences, such as the idea that our taste in music changes with age. Now a new study in Nature has found that your taste in music could also be due to the makeup of the songs predominant in your culture. Read More >>

Bolivia to Bill Gates: Say Sorry for Trying to Give Us Chickens We Don’t Need

Bolivia has rejected an “offensive” donation of 100,000 chickens from Bill Gates, saying the billionaire philanthropist should apologise for not knowing that Bolivia already has enough poultry. Read More >>

This Dry Patch of Land Used to Be Bolivia’s Second Largest Lake

This satellite image shows the outline of where Bolvia’s Lake Poopó used to be. Once the county’s second largest body of fresh water, it’s now dried up because of recurring drought and water diversion projects. Read More >>

Watch How Bolivia Built the World’s Longest Urban Cable Car System

In most parts of the world, cable cars are relegated to ski areas or amusement parks. But in South America, cities use the gondolas to navigate undulating terrain as public transportation. This fall, two more lines will open in Bolivia's La Paz-El Alto network, making it the longest urban cable car system in the world. Read More >>