The ‘Bomb’ That Cancelled Man United Vs Bournemouth Was a Training Device for Dogs

It’s slow hand clap time, people. You know the ‘suspicious package’ that caused Old Trafford to be evacuated and Man United’s final league game to be postponed? Turns out it wasn’t a terrorist threat, but the result of an incomplete tidying up operation. Read More >>

Hundreds Evacuated in Bath After Live WWII Bomb is Found Under a Playground

Homes have been evacuated and roads have been closed after an unexploded, 500lb (228kg) WWII bomb was discovered just 1 metre beneath the playground of a former school. Read More >>

Thieves in Mexico Just Stole Ingredients for a Radioactive Dirty Bomb

The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency has some bad news. It just announced that thieves in Mexico have stolen a truck carrying dangerous radioactive materials. In fact, they got their hands on all the ingredients they'd need to produce a radioactive dirty bomb. Read More >>

The US Navy Accidentally Bombed the Great Barrier Reef… Sort Of

Okay so this whole thing isn't ideal, but it's also not as bad as it sounds. Basically on Tuesday there were two US Navy AV-8B Harrier fighter jets that had launched from the USS Bonhomme Richard aircraft carrier and were doing a training exercise. They planned to drop bombs on Townshend Island bombing range in Australia, but were told by controllers that the area wasn't clear. The problem was that they didn't have enough fuel to land with such heavy loads. So they, you know, unloaded. Right onto the Barrier Reef. Read More >>

The Bomb-Proof Miracle Materials That Will Make the Future Safer

When a bomb explodes, you can't outmaneuver it; you probably can't even take cover quickly enough to protect yourself. Instead, you have to hope that there's something — anything — already in the way that can shield you from the blast. Here are five of the best future bomb-proof materials that could end up saving lives in our increasingly uncertain future. Read More >>

The US Military Tested a Tsunami Bomb That Could Rival the Nuclear Bomb

We've all seen the destruction that tsunamis can cause. It doesn't play around. But back in 1944, the US military wanted to play around with tsunamis in hope of creating a man made tsunami bomb—basically setting off 10 large blasts in the ocean to create a 33-foot tsunami that would pulverise and drown a city. Read More >>

I Can Understand Why This Watch Would Get You Arrested

If you've travelled on a plane any time in, say, the last 10 years, you will have noticed that airport security's a totally chilled-out breeze. Oh wait, no, that's not right, they're a bunch of paranoid jumped-up security freaks. Which would maybe explain why wearing something that looks more Genuine Al-Qaeda than Rolex would land you in some fairly hot water. Read More >>

WW2 Veteran Had All This Shrapnel In His Knee

I love good World War II stories. They are always fascinating—although (too) often sad and dramatic. Sometimes, they are just amazing. Like the tale of Ronald Brown, a soldier who stepped on a land mine in France and lived in silent pain with a shocking 170 grams of shrapnel in his knee. Read More >>

Physicists Claim It Would Be Impossible to Nuke an Earth-Killing Asteroid

If you've always assumed that the idea proposed in Armageddon could save us in the face of a crisis, by destroying an asteroid to avert the destruction of Earth, think again. Physicists from Leicester University, UK, have calculated that such a feat would require a bomb a billion times stronger than the biggest bomb ever detonated on Earth. Read More >>

Anti-Terror Cops Blow Up Student’s Broken Down Car as He Waited For the AA

It seems the UK really is on high alert if the rozzers deemed it necessary to blow up an innocent student's broken down car parked outside Parliament. Nima Hosseini Razi, a business student at the University of Wales, came back to find a hole where his car had been. Read More >>