Bond Theme Forces Old Men to Have Opinion on Billie Eilish

Some teen pop singer, who we aware of on the same extremely vague and peripheral level as we are the effect of gravity, is about to become super mainstream even with the dads, as 18-year-old Billie Eilish has released her take on the global songwriting challenge that is the James Bond film theme tune. Read More >>

Johnny Marr Joins Emergency No Time to Die Soundtrack Process

Hans Zimmer does not have vey much time to create a score for the next Bond movie, seeing as the film's out in April and he only got the call to do the score for it a couple of weeks ago, when Dan Romer's music work on No Time to Die went in the bin due to behind-the-scenes troubles with Eon Productions. Read More >>

Rami Malek Had an Important Request Before Joining Bond 25

With tonnes of behind the scenes drama on the set of the 25th James Bond film, it’s easy to forget the exciting stuff coming on the screen – like the fact that recent Oscar winner Rami Malek is playing the latest Bond villain. That only happened, though, because the filmmakers agreed to a non-negotiable request Malek had about the character. Read More >>

Boyle/Craig Confirmed as Bond 25 Dream Team

Let the Trainspotting GIF flood commence, as EON Productions, MGM and Universal Pictures have confirmed the news that Danny Boyle already sort of blew a few weeks ago -- he's directing the next James Bond film. There's a contract now and it's happening, and he can look forward to cajoling grumpy old Bond Daniel Craig into jumping over rooftops once more. Read More >>

Remote Mountain Hideaway Hosts James Bond Creativity Fun Park

007 ELEMENTS is the name of a new artistic James Bond experience, one that requires visitors to first get to a Bond villain-style hideout built on the summit of the Gaislachkogl Mountain. Read More >>

Reports Claim Daniel Craig Just Signed Up For Two More Bond Movies

The question of whether Daniel Craig would return to James Bond after SPECTRE has been the subject of great speculation over the past couple of years. Despite having said he'd rather "slash his wrists" than play Bond again, reports claim he's signed on for another two films. Read More >>

Q is a Woman Says MI6 Boss

The real-world director of security service MI6 has thrown the Bond universe into crisis, revealing that the actual equivalent of Q is a woman. Although given that MI6 doesn't really equip its agents with jetpacks and invisibility cars, she's probably just the boss of the stationery department. Read More >>

Roger Moore up for Being Bond Again if Daniel Craig Bails

89-year-old former Bond Roger Moore has said he's not against the idea of popping up in the next film, especially if such a move boosts the old family coffers. Read More >>

New James Bond: Who is Aidan Turner, the Man Tipped to Be Next 007?

He made our terrible list of potential Bonds when news broke that Daniel Craig had definitely, for real this time and he means it, thrown his hat out of the ring. So who is Aidan Turner and will he be any good? He's the current hot tip to be announced as the new Bond, so be must be OK at least. Read More >>

Sam Mendes Won’t Direct Another James Bond Film

After directing two instalments of the franchise back to back, Sam Mendes is stepping back from James Bond. The director of Skyfall and Spectre confirmed his departure earlier yesterday at the Hay festival, according to the Guardian. Read More >>

Tom Hiddleston in ‘Advanced Talks’ to Play James Bond

Daniel Craig has been vocal about wanting to walk away from the James Bond franchise for a while now, and it’s looking likely that Tom Hiddleston will be the next 007. Read More >>

Kind-Eyed Tom Hiddleston Wants to be the Next James Bond

Housewives' hunk du jour Tom Hiddleston has come right out with and said that he'd be bang up for being a James Bond for a while, despite Daniel Craig's ongoing live art project to make it sound like the worst job in the entire world. Read More >>

James Bond: Who Should Follow Daniel Craig as the Next 007?

Daniel Craig, the James Bond who seemed to hate being James Bond, has reportedly quit the role to take on a US telly job, with 007 producers now left looking for a new man to fight the baffling plans of madmen in the franchise. So who should take on the job? Read More >>

Daniel Craig Believed to Have Quit James Bond For a TV Role

The Daniel Craig era of James Bond is apparently over. Though the news isn’t yet official -- reports are coming from The Sun -- the actor has apparently hung up his tux and vowed never to shag or kill another secret agent again. Read More >>

You Can Buy James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10, But Don’t Expect to Drive it

Get your cheque-book out, it’s time to become James Bond. Well, sort of. The Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre is being auctioned alongside a load of other Bond-themed goodies, giving filthy-rich fans a taste of the fictional super-spy’s life. Read More >>