3d printing
Doctors Implanted a 3D-Printed Vertebra for the First Time

Doctors in Beijing successfully replaced a 12-year-old boy's damaged second vertebra with a 3D-printed custom implant made from titanium powder. The boy, who had bone cancer, is now in recovery. Read More >>

This New Gel Could Let Doctors Grow Bone Exactly Where They Need It

The body is expert at re-growing bone, but it doesn't always manage to get the right shape. Now, a team from Rice University has developed a hydrogel that could let clinicians grow bone right where they need to. Read More >>

3d printing
Future Spacecraft Could Be Made From Material Just Like Human Bone

Human bones are amazing. But up until recently, it's been hard to engineer a synthetic material that replicates the super-strong structure of the real thing. Now, scientists in Germany are using a 3D printer to do just that—and it could mean a breakthrough for how we build everything from architecture to spacecraft. Read More >>

Dentists May Start Covering Teeth in Growth-Stimulating Diamond Dust

Looks like there's a new candidate for most awesome supermaterial in town. Dentists may soon start fighting bone loss by covering our teeth in itty bitty nanodiamonds, making repairing teeth quicker, cheaper, and much less painful. Read More >>

Here’s a 120,000 Year Old Tumour Found Inside a Neanderthal

Neanderthals weren't smoking cigarettes. They weren't breathing in pollution. They weren't eating processed foods. They weren't dealing with pesticides. Nope. But apparently, Neanderthals still got cancer. This 120,000-year-old bone fragment reveals a cancerous tumour: Neanderthals, they're just like us. Read More >>

How NASA Uses Astronaut Pee to Hunt Osteoporosis

When astronauts venture into space, their bones degrade because of the microgravity conditions they encounter. Currently, such bone wastage is usually diagnosed by scans—so NASA developed a new test which analyses urine to spot bone loss in its early stages. Read More >>

These Amazing Lego Robots Can Even Build Artificial Bone

We love Lego; whether it’s being launched into space, opening bottles or recreating the Batcave, it’s always awesome. But did you know its talents even include building artificial bone? Cambridge researchers are using it to do just that. Read More >>