This Man’s Penis is Literally Turning Into a Bone

Doctors at a New York City hospital made an alarming discovery last week when a 63-year-old man went to the emergency room for knee pain. Read More >>

Netflix’s Anime Plans Expand Even Further With Adaptation of Cult Capcom RPG Dragon’s Dogma

From nabbing streaming rights to classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion, to co-producing new series ranging from adaptations of its own shows to icons like Ultraman, Netflix is leaning all the way in on anime lately. And now it’s going even further, with the help of a beloved, weird Capcom game. Read More >>

Why Papuan Men Made Daggers From Human Thigh Bones

Up until the 20th century, the use of bone daggers among the Papuan males of New Guinea was commonplace. Many of these daggers were forged from the femurs of large birds, but some were made from the bones of humans. New research shows which of the two materials provided for a superior dagger, demonstrating that, for Papuan men, it wasn’t the strength of the blade that mattered—but rather the prestige bestowed by the weapon. Read More >>

This Synthetic Bone Implant Could Replace Painful Marrow Transplants

Thanks to advances in medicine, bone marrow transplants are no longer the last resorts they one were. Every year, thousands of marrow transplants are performed, a common treatment for ailments from bone marrow disease to leukemia. But because they first require a patient undergo radiation to kill off any existing bone marrow stem cells, marrow transplants remain incredibly hard on a patient. Read More >>

A Deer Was Caught Gnawing on Human Remains and the End Is Nigh

Deer are generally considered one of the more benign creatures of the forest, going about their herbivorous ways in peace. But as new research shows, there’s a dark side to these ungulates. Using camera traps, forensic scientists have captured unprecedented photos of deer munching on the skeletal remains of a human carcass. Read More >>

Humans Don’t Have Penis Bones Thanks to Getting Sex Done Quick

Scientists given the job of investigating the many and varied form of the penis bone think they've worked out why humans don't have one. It's because we want to get sex out of the way quickly so we can get back onto our mobile phones. Read More >>

What Exactly Does Going to Space Do to Your Body?

Going to space is definitely one of the coolest things a human could ever do but damn if it doesn’t do a doozy to your body. If you were able to spend time in space, your bones would become brittle, your leg and back muscles would wither away, the back of your eyeballs might flatten, and your heart could lose mass and become more spherical. None of that is good. Read More >>

This Dodo Skeleton Just Sold for Nearly £350,000

At an auction held earlier yesterday in the United Kingdom, a 95-per-cent-complete skeleton of an extinct dodo bird that was painstakingly assembled over the course of 40 years has sold to an unnamed private collector for a whopping £346,300. Read More >>

Anthropologists Have Discovered a Totally New Human Ancestor

There’s a new branch on the human family tree. Anthropologists say they’ve found a new human ancestor, who lived 3.5 million years ago, right beside Australopithecus afarensis on the plains of what is now Ethiopia. Read More >>

Femur on Mars: The Leg Planet

Wait, is that... human bones on Mars? Not quite, conspiracy theorists: in fact it's just a rock that happens to look a little bit like a femur thigh bone. It was snapped by the Mars rover Curiosity using its MastCam. [NASA] Read More >>

This Sponge Could Help Fill Gaps Where Bone Can’t Regrow Itself

Your bones are masterful self-healers, but certain injuries and defects can leave a gap too wide for new bone cells to fill in. Texas A&M's Dr. Melissa Grunlan and team have come up with a solution, a biodegradable polymer sponge that supports new bone cell growth, then disappears as it's replaced by solid bone. Read More >>

Men May Have Evolved Bigger Jaws to Survive Fights

Some of our early ancestors may have evolved their chunky brows and sturdy jaws not because of dietary or environmental reasons, but as a defence against the fists of rival men battling for that last tasty dinosaur burger or the affections of the hairiest lady in the village. Read More >>

Richard III Did Have a Bent Spine, But Nothing a Nice Jumper Couldn’t Hide

Car park king Richard III has had his spine scanned, 3D printed and analysed, with the findings suggesting that the king had only a slightly curvature of his spine that could've been masked by clothing. So he perhaps wasn't the grotesque character he's portrayed as by unkind history. Read More >>

A 3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast That Looks Awesome and Heals You Faster

Old-fashioned casts are nasty, a festering stinksleeves that you wear like a medieval torture device for what seems like forever. 3D-printed casts take care of the smell and itch issues, and now Deniz Karasahin has designed the next step: a custom cast with an ultrasound device to speed up bone healing. Read More >>

Your Bones Don’t Shatter Because They’re Full of Goo

Many of us have suffered from broken bones, but it's rare, outside of the most serious accidents, for bones to ever shatter. Now, researchers have worked out why: because our bones, it turns out, are filled with goo. Read More >>