Finally, There’s a Book About Which Animals Fart

Grizzly bears, dogs, and even cockroaches fart. Do sea anemones? Nope. As for spiders, no one knows. Read More >>

Intrepid Reporters Catch ‘Snowflake Students’ Correctly Surmising the Moral of Frankenstein

Monsters are bad and that’s just the way that it is, with no exceptions ever. Read More >>

How Algorithmic Experiments Harm People Living in Poverty

Virginia Eubanks made the same mistake most would. In her job working with low-income women struggling to afford housing, she assumed they also struggled with access to vital technology, like the internet. But this technology isn’t just accessible, it’s permeates access to basic resources people in poverty need to survive, and it’s often rigged against them. Her new book, Automating Inequality: How High Tech Tools, Profile, Police and Punish the Poor is about how technology has come to define people touched by poverty. Read More >>

J.K. Rowling Says Harry Potter is Done After Cursed Child

It was an exciting weekend to be a Harry Potter fan, but it might also be a depressing one. Author J.K. Rowling has confirmed (or “confirmed”, in air quotes, as I’m gonna put it) that the story of our beloved Boy Who Lived has come to an end. Read More >>

Reddit’s Released an Actual Book of its AMAs With a High Price Tag

This feels kind of wrong. Reddit has assembled a series of its best Ask Me Anything (AMA) from the website into a real physical book, and it will gladly take $35 for a copy on Amazon's US portal. That's about £25, but at the moment the physical version isn't showing up on the UK Amazon site. Read More >>

Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand is Now a Dr Seuss Book

You've got to love the internet. If it weren't for this vast web of connectivity, how on earth would we be able to gaze longingly for hours at kittens? Where would we watch music videos from the days when MTV actually used to play them? Read More >>

The Endangered Art of Product Design Sketching, Explained by the Pros 

When it comes to design, nothing beats a model. But it's also hard to overstate the importance of being able to draw while you develop an idea, whether that be by hand or by computer. In a new book out in December, two of the best discuss the fine art of, well, art. Read More >>

The Best Device for Reading is Still the Phone in Your Pocket

For long-time book lovers, reading on an electronic device can be disorienting experience. The most obvious choice for those going down the e-book path is a device like the Kindle, completely and utterly dedicated to emulating the traditional experience of reading. I've been seduced by the promise of an e-reader many-a-time, but I always find myself reaching for that device never not at my side—my smartphone. Read More >>

US Author Challenges Sherlock Holmes Copyright and Wants to Churn Out His Own Holmes Books

Many of the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are reaching the end of their 100-year copyright period, meaning the books become public domain and may be freely shared. But what of the characters they contain? Can anyone now write their own Sherlock Holmes book based upon the deductive cocaine/nicotine addict? Read More >>

Is Twitter Ruining Journalism or Making It Better?

It's undeniable that Twitter has changed—and is still changing—the face of journalism. It makes some things simpler and some things more complicated. But how is it affecting journalism on the whole? This PBS Off-Book segment gives that some thought and uncovers one deep, universal truth: Twitter is neato. [PBS Off Book] Read More >>

This Ereader Will Cost Less Than £10

This is the Txtr Beagle. It's a new low-end ereader, that does away with fancy technological trappings: you'll find no touchscreen, backlight, 3G or even Wi-Fi here. As a result, it's set to cost less than £10—but will it be any good? Read More >>

Will You Read Julian Assange’s New Book?

Julian Assange has penned a new book about his worries over government control of the Internet and surveillance. Written along with Jacob Appelbaum, Jérémie Zimmermann and Andy Müller-Maguhn, it will be published in November. Assange explains: Read More >>

This Book Contains Every RGB Colour That Exists

In case you sometimes struggle to visualise the RGB colour space on a computer, American artist Tauba Auerbach has created a handy reference guide: a cubic book that shows off all the colours in existence. Read More >>

American Children are Actually Taught Nessie Is Real

No, really. Children in some US schools are being taught that the Loch Ness monster is a living dinosaur, as evidence against evolution. What the hell? Read More >>

The Future of Book Cover Design in the Digital Age

Ereaders are literally changing the way we read. But for all the efficiency and portability they offer, they lack the curious romance of reading a book in its hard, physical form — not least the charms that lie on the cover. Read More >>