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Prime Reading Promises Thousands of Books and Comics for Amazon High Rollers

People who willingly pay the Amazon Tax have another thing to be happy about today, with the UK division of the sales giant launching its Prime Reading offering. Read More >>

“Stop Giving Us The Da Vinci Code” Says Swansea Charity Shop

The Da Vinci Code was a serious hit back in the dark pre-fibre broadband days of 2003, selling over 80 million copies all over the world. Now that surge in Dan Brown's popularity is coming back to haunt us. Or at least that's probably how the staff of one Swansea charity shop feel. Read More >>

Reminder: George R. R. Martin Is Probably Never Going To Finish A Song Of Ice And Fire

It's been five years since the last book. It's been a year since the last update. We're only two (short) seasons away from the end of the TV series. Maybe it's time to face it: it's likely the A Song Of Ice And Fire books will never get finished. Read More >>

Rare Harry Potter Prequel Stolen, J.K. Rowling Pleads for Return

A one-of-a-kind Harry Potter prequel has been stolen, and author J.K. Rowling is eager to get it back in the right hands. Read More >>

Ghostbusters Has Been Turned Into Shakespeare

When something is well-written, it’s not uncommon to hear someone refer to it as “Shakespeare.” For example, hypothetically, someone might say, “The script for Ghostbusters was so good, it’s like Shakespeare.” But what if Ghostbusters actually was written by Shakespeare? Read More >>

New Humble Bundle Nabs Some of the Best Nebula Award Winners for Hours of Sci-fi Obsession

Humble Bundle has just made friends with anyone looking for a stash of amazing and award-winning sci-fi and fantasy to add to their collection. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America bundle is an impressive collection of Nebula winners and nominated authors that’s basically an automatic summer reading list. Read More >>

Remembering The Host, a Scifi Book That Barely Wanted to be Scifi

Hey, remember when Stephenie Meyer wrote a scifi novel? Not just any scifi novel, but “science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction” (that’s a direct quote). Nine years ago, The Host hit bookstands, becoming one of scifi’s strangest and most unwelcome additions. Read More >>

harry potter
J.K. Rowling Apologises for Killing Snape and Harry Potter Fandom Promptly Self-Immolates

Since 2015, J.K. Rowling has made it an annual tradition to apologise on the anniversary of the fictional Battle of Hogwarts for killing off a Harry Potter character. This year’s selection was not met with the usual mourning. Read More >>

Michelle Gomez Narrating a Doctor Who/Mr. Men Story is the Most Delightful Thing You’ll Hear All Day

The Doctor Who/Mr. Men mashup books are almost too cute for words. But it turns out, you can make them even cuter—by having Missy herself, Michelle Gomez, narrate an adorable caper involving Mr. Men and Little Miss versions of the Twelfth Doctor and Missy. Read More >>

Ebooks Down, Book-Book Sales Up

Sales of electronic versions of books for ereaders, tablets and besieged smartphones have fallen for the first time in years, with publishing experts blaming the nation's overwhelming number of screens for a huge 17 per cent drop in consumer ebook sales. Read More >>

game of thrones
Everything You Need to Know About Azor Ahai, the Game of Thrones Prophecy That Could Save Westeros

HBO released the first series of official photos for Game of Thrones season seven last week. They didn’t spoil much, but there was one reveal that hints at a major plot development next season. We’re talking, of course, about Azor Ahai. Read More >>

The ’90s X-Files Tie-In Novels Scarred Me Forever

I feel like a lot of tie-in novels today aren’t nearly as balls-to-the-wall crazy as they used to be. Corporations have an unbreakably tight grip on all their properties and everything associated with a successful property is carefully planned out and has the edges filed down. For example, the latest Young Adult X-Files books—prequels starring teen Mulder and Scully—are straightforward but well done. When I was young, however, the kid-targeted X-Files tie-in books were completely insane. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman Is Making Sure TV Doesn’t Spoil American Gods 2

American Gods 2 isn’t happening anytime soon. Author Neil Gaiman first teased the sequel to his best-selling novel, now a TV show made by the US Starz network, back in 2011. Six years later, there’s no date in site. But that hasn’t stopped Gaiman from pulling a quasi-J.K. Rowling and keeping the showrunners on their toes. Read More >>

Mulder and Scully Are Returning in a Brand New X-Files Audio Book

Fans hoping for a little more Mulder and Scully to go along with the recent TV return are in luck. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny lead a laundry list of X-Files cast members who are lending their voices to a brand new audio book. Read More >>