The Dangers of Tech’s Privacy Promises

Where do you go to tell a secret? Probably depends on the secret. What you’d feel comfortable murmuring to a friend in a private meeting is likely not what you’d say loudly to a coworker while your boss is in earshot. Online, we not only communicate, we calculate—based on who we’re speaking to, or what platform we’re using, we gauge whether the information we divulge will remain solely with the people we’ve chosen to share it with. As leaks, breaches, and data collection scandals grab headlines, it’s clear that we’re often wrong. And as it turns out, it’s our very trust in technology that promises privacy and anonymity that often makes that violation worse. Read More >>

A Reminder of the Many, Many Stephen King Adaptations That Are Currently in the Works

This week, Media Rights Capital revealed it commissioned a 10-episode adaptation of crime thriller The Outsider by an author who has seemingly become the most desirable man in Hollywood lately: Stephen King. A lot of King’s work is currently in the process of being remade for television and film — so here’s a reminder of just what’s in store. Read More >>

George R.R. Martin Says Three Other Game of Thrones Prequels Are in ‘Active Development’

Last week’s news of Jane Goldman’s Game of Thrones prequel pilot may not be the end of HBO’s spinoff plans. Of course, we’ve known for some time that HBO was considering five possible prequels to continue, and expand, the Game of Thrones universe — but we still have no idea just how many will pan out. Goldman’s show getting a pilot suggests four remain, and on his blogA Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin provided an update on the rest. Read More >>

Stranger Things Is Launching a Book Franchise, Including a Prequel About Eleven’s Mum

Netflix and Penguin Random House are teaming up to expand the Stranger Things universe with a series of books, which will soon include a prequel all about Eleven’s mom and her involvement in the totally real CIA experiment Project MKUltra. Read More >>

Salaried Author Positions Might Get Your Book off the Ground

A new publishing company thinks it might have found a way to encourage the next generation of novel writers to ditch the day jobs and start generating book-based content. It's offering paid author jobs that put writers on a salary of around £2,000 a month, then sees what happens. Come on then, 100,000 words that make sense. By December. Read More >>

This Video Explores the Experimental History of Scifi Book Covers

Science fiction novels have been, through the modern history of the printed book, a space for innovation and creativity. Their cover art, in particular, was something special, and beautiful. Read More >>

How Smart Was T. Rex? And Other Dino Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

At the age of 34, American palaeontologist and evolutionary biologist Steve Brusatte has already accomplished more in his field than some scientists hope to over their entire careers. Read More >>

The Communist Manifesto Gets a Comic Adaptation That’s Both Nightmarish and Timely

As widely regarded as Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is, it can be easy to forget that the scathing, seminal critique of capitalism and the bourgeoisie was hurriedly written over the course of a few days after months of procrastination. Read More >>

star wars
Lando Calrissian And The Mindharp of Sharu is One of The Weirdest Star Wars Stories Ever Told

Back in 1983, when all we knew of Lando Calrissian was The Empire Strikes Back, L. Neil Smith wrote a trio of novels that fleshed out the life of the smooth-talking Baron of Cloud City and took place before we met him in the movies. Read More >>

Oh No, Fox Is Making a Choose Your Own Adventure Movie the Audience Controls With Smartphones

You know how annoying it is when people take out their phones in the cinema while you’re just trying to enjoy seeing the Avengers fight Thanos or whatever? Well, Fox wants to make that a feature with a new film based on the Choose Your Own Adventure books. There is an app involved. Read More >>

Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Movie Is Creeping Ever-Closer to Your Nightmares

It’s been a few years since we heard anything about the planned big-screen adaptation of legendarily terrifying kid’s book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Since then, the project’s biggest champion, Guillermo del Toro, won a couple of Oscars—which no doubt helped it get a big push forward. Read More >>

game of thrones
Please Try to Be Surprised: George R.R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter is Definitely Not Coming in 2018

The sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. Everything has its time, and everything dies. These are constants in life on the planet Earth. Another constant: The next chapter in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga, The Winds of Winter, has been delayed. Read More >>

’50 Shades…’ is the Book Most Readers Abandon

EL James's Kindle sex book is apparently the most given-up-on book among UK readers, with 50 Shades narrowly beating first Lord of The Rings for the title of thing we all most commonly abandon halfway, or lessway, through. Read More >>

star wars
The Solo Tie-In Novel Includes a Thoughtful, Fascinating Look at Han’s Midlife Crisis

Daniel José Older’s new Star Wars novel, Last Shot, was bundled up with the recent wave of Solo: A Star Wars Story-themed book announcements. But while there are parts of it that deal with the early lives of Han and Lando, it’s at its best when it’s set decades after the upcoming movie, as the two come to terms with leaving their past—and their youth—behind. Read More >>

Here’s How Steven Spielberg and ILM Recreated That Movie for Ready Player One

Whether you loved or hated Ready Player One, odds are you were still amazed by the second challenge—yes, that scene—even if you were just wondering how the hell even someone like director Steven Spielberg pulled off something so impossible. Now we know. Read More >>