CES Won’t Go “Talibanesque” on Booth Babes, But Suggests They Tone it Down

There will not be a ban on depressing "booth babes" at next year's CES, with event organisers claiming it'd be an administrative nightmare issuing rules on cleavage depths and skirt lengths for everyone to follow. Instead, it's just asking everyone to be a bit more... charming. Read More >>

A Day in the Life of a Booth Babe

The concept of the Booth Babe is a strange one. In the eyes of many tech companies, littering trade shows with semi-naked women helps sell their products, but to most people living in the modern world it seems incredibly sexist and outdated. Read More >>

This Kind of Ignorance Is What Gives Gadget Guys a Bad Name

At CES last week, in addition to all the gear and gadgets, there was something else on display: women. As with many trade shows — especially ones aimed at a male audience — CES was rife with booth babes. Read More >>

Please Keep Your Arse Out Of My Email

CES is just around the corner, which means junk like this is showing up in my inbox. Hey, [REDACTED], did you put a butt in your email to remind me how shitty your products are? Because that's what I'm thinking. Read More >>