How to Make a Delicious Cocktail Using Prohibition-Era Hacks

Prohibition was a dark time for America. Booze was banned, and crime was skyrocketing. But that doesn’t mean people stopped coming up with new ways to have fun with alcohol. Read More >>

This is What Happens When a Bootleg Website Falls

Bootleg websites, usually tucked away in some shady digital corner filled with pornographic pop up ads and potentially malignant viruses, are a permanent fixture on the internet. Offering up buckets of illegally free content, these sites' creators are the reason why publishing execs toss and turn in their sleep. Read More >>

Boing 474: The Chinese are Now Knocking Off the US’ Airplanes

Chinese manufacturers are experts at knocking off just about anything, from "Rat Ban" sunglasses and "Wee" gaming consoles to, yes, "HiPhones." But now it looks like they're very close to copying another American export: They're bootlegging their Boeing 747s. Read More >>

This 92-Year-Old DVD Pirate Is a Total Badass

Strictly speaking, bootlegging movies isn't right. Hyman Strachman knows this, and he does it anyway. According to the New York Times profile of the notorious pirate, he's shipped 300,000 ripped-off movies overseas to the troops—for free. Read More >>

Whisky + Lasers = a Glass Full of Awesome

You know what's great? Really good scotch whisky. You know what's not great? Fake scotch whisky. Worry not. Researchers at St. Andrews University have figured out how to test your whisky's authenticity by shooting it with lasers. Mmm, whisky-lasers... Read More >>