These Are the Best Worst Bootleg Game Consoles

The world is full of bootlegs: that pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts the eBay seller swore was authentic, the AirPods that don’t quite feel hefty enough you got for a killer deal, and a ridiculous, alarming amount of video games. Bad news: That Game Boy-like system that came packing every single NES title ever released and then some? You were swindled in a big way. Read More >>

Don’t Buy an iPhone 5 Dock Because It’s a Chinese Scam

Apple doesn't make a standup dock for the iPhone 5, which sucks. Normally we'd turn to our friends in China to do what Apple can't (or won't), but in this case, no: purported Lightning docks are complete broken fakery. Read More >>

Microsoft Claims Comet Sold Bootleg Windows CDs

Poor old UK electrical retailer Comet is about to feel the full legal force of Microsoft, with the US software giant claiming Comet made and distributed over 94,000 illegal copies of Windows XP and Vista. Read More >>