Lloyd’s of London Bans the Boozy Pub Lunch

Insurance giant Lloyd's of London has gone a bit nanny state on its workers, demanding that the age-old hobby of having a pint or two at lunch time in the name of team bonding and making the afternoon whizz past quicker comes to an end. Read More >>

Can You Brew Beer On the Moon?

When some apocalyptic event in the very near future forces humans scurrying to another planet, we’re probably going to have the same question. Read More >>

How to Avoid Getting a Hangover After This New Year’s Eve

While our friends in the States probably ring in the New Year with kale smoothies and baby yoga, New Year's Eve here in the UK is synonymous with one thing and pretty much one thing only: getting absolutely bladdered. Whether you're going to an all-night rave, hitting up a house party, or just enjoying a few beverages with friends and family down the pub, the danger is that your New Year's Eve revelry translates into a raging hangover on January 1st. Read More >>

Happy Pass Out on a Train and Get Mugged Day

Lots of companies have apparently decided to hold their Christmas party tonight, so insurance firm Back Me Up has decided to do a publicity thing to mark the occasion. Read More >>

Barclaycard’s Pay @ Pump Can Save Us From Cocktail Wankers

Everyone’s been there. Stuck behind the brash, pushy, immaculately dressed, bar-hogging group of media/law/finance wankers, all of whom have about eight equally wankery, banterous, personal space-invading pals stood behind you, barking cocktail orders through your face. Read More >>

Buckfast Booze Bagged its Monks £8.8m Last Year

The charitable trust that handles the production of the Buckfast "tonic wine" by the monks of Buckfast Abbey is doing quite well for itself, with financial data revealing that the miracle of wine production is still a cornerstone of religion -- and banked the abbey around £8.8m last year. Read More >>

Global Warming Might Make the UK Better at Producing Wine

The UK's wine makers might be about to enjoy a few decades of global dominance, thanks to research that suggests climate change and the warmer, wetter weather we can expect to see, could turn parts of the UK into mini-Frances perfect for growing the classic old types of grapes. Read More >>

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Making an Edible Pizza Beer Koozie Is the Only Kitchen Skill You Need

Do you have zero skills in the kitchen? There’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it doesn’t hurt to have at least one dish you know how to make. But don’t waste your time with grilled cheese, pasta, or soups when a beer can koozie made from pizza is useful on so many levels. Read More >>

Notes From Underground: How to Improve the Night Tube to Help Pissed People

The process appears to have taken an age, thanks to certain silly claims made by certain careless toffs, but the Night Tube finally feels like a real fixture of London. How ever did we get by without it? The Jubilee line gets the 24-hour treatment today, with the Charing Cross branch of the Northern line following suit next month. Read More >>

Synthetic Alcohol Promises Mild Drunkenness and Zero Hangovers

An entirely new kind of legal high could be on the way to the pubs of the high street, if drug researchers manage to get past EU regulations and get their "Alcosynth" onto the market. Read More >>

Brilliant Beer Mug Won’t Block the TV While You Chug

Make no bones about it, life is a struggle. From navigating the daily rat race, to raising a family, to trying to watch TV while enjoying a frosty brew from a giant mug. Every time you take a sip, the other side of the mug usually blocks your view, but not with the brilliantly engineered TV Beer Mug. Read More >>

Drunk Man Apologises for Trying to Enter Wrong House

A man who terrified an elderly lady by appearing to be trying to break into her home at 7:30am on a Sunday morning has apologised, telling her it was all a bit of a drunken mistake as he'd got the houses mixed up. Read More >>

Malibu’s Sticking NFC Tags to its Bottles of Rum and Calling Them ‘Media Platforms’

Malibu has today announced that it is adding NFC tags to 40,000 bottles of its coconut-flavoured rum. So rather than taking poorly focused selfies, or sending ill-advised texts, you can instead take part in some drunken #brand #engagement. Read More >>

Master Bartender Makes Ersatz Campari From Scratch

Campari—the bright red spirit best known as the start of the negroni—is delicious. But what the hell is it, exactly? The few people who know have kept the recipe a secret for well over a century. That didn’t stop master bartender Hiroyasu Kayama from trying to make his own. Read More >>

Teens Love Weed

The results are in: Teens in the US are inhaling The Good Plant like never before. Read More >>