The UK’s Fixation With Novelty Beers Remains Strong

Bearded men making local beers out of bread, potatoes, socks, old cereal boxes and more are helping salvage the UK's economy, with data showing that there are now nearly 2,000 registered breweries in the UK -- the highest number since the 1930s. Read More >>

Londoners Live in Constant Terror of… Prosecco Shortage

The fizzy white wine that's all everyone ever seems to talk about nowadays has become so entrenched in the dinnertime rituals of the nation that people are spending serious amounts of time worrying about it running out. Read More >>

One Scientist Has Worked Out Hangover-Free Cocktails, and Wants to Open 100 Bars to Sell Them

A London-based drug scientists claims to have figured out how to create cocktails that won't leave the user with a hangover when they wake up after a hard night of drinking. And before anyone says anything, he's not just removed the booze and suggesting everyone drinks glorified glasses of fruit juice. Read More >>

Whisky That’s Been Maturing Since 1943 Goes on Sale

A whisky that's been sitting in a cask maturing away like mad for 70 years is about to go on sale, and as you might expect of a drink that's taken generations of care, it'll cost you quite a bit. Read More >>

A Cork’s THWOP Sound Tricks the Brain into Thinking Wine is Nicer

The satisfying sound a cork makes when being popped out of a bottle to oohs and aahs of onlookers has a psychological effect on the drinkers too, with scientists finding that the same wine was described as tasting nicer when drunk out of a corked bottle compared to a screw top. Read More >>

Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Will Have You Fat and Lazy Before Christmas Even Starts

Forget the Lego one this year, as adults who like the idea of having a small glass of wine for breakfast have an amazing new advent calendar option -- one that comes with a glass of wine every day. Read More >>

No, Scientists Did Not Say Light Drinking During Pregnancy Was Okay

“I don’t know” and “yes” are very different things. “I don’t know if my child is allergic to peanuts” does not mean, “yes, I should feed my child peanuts.” “I don’t know if this berry is poisonous” does not mean, “yes, I should eat this berry.” And “I don’t know if light drinking will harm my pregnancy” does not mean, “I should drink alcohol while I’m pregnant.” Read More >>

Alcohol-Free Budweiser Coming to the UK for Today’s Millennial Lightweights

Do you turn into a monster after three pints? Are you too scared to get drunk because your mobile phone cost £700 and you really don't want to leave it in a taxi or a urinal? Is everyone realising that beer doesn't actually taste... nice? Whatever the reason, drinking alcohol seems to be falling out of favour among the youth, hence this -- Budweiser Prohibition. Read More >>

Surrey Just Overtook London as the Home of the UK’s Most Expensive Pint

For many a year people in London have had to deal with the fact that buying booze in the local pub is expensive. So expensive that you could buy two or three pints for the same price in other parts of the country. Well now they can breathe a sigh of relief, because it's no longer the most place with the most expensive pints. Read More >>

One London Company is Giving its Staff ‘Hangover Days’

Most people will get time off for sickness, and some of them might not lose wages because of it, but generally being hungover doesn't count as being sick. That's changed for staff working for Dice, a ticketing app based in Shoreditch, because they can use a hangover as a legitimate excuse for not coming in. Read More >>

Drinking After Learning Helps Remember Stuff

A study into the effects of drinking has found something good again. This time, researchers had the amazing idea of giving people alcohol after they'd been taught something and found that, amazingly, getting mildly drunk afterwards seemed to make the lesson stick in their memories better. Read More >>

London Brewery Has Found A Way To Annoy You With The Sun

British people, lovers of beer and too much exposure to a sun their weak complexion struggles to handle. So what better way to burden the NHS with more dehydration and sunstroke problems than a gigantic mirror, designed to shine light into the eyes of punters sucking down £6 pints in pub gardens. Read More >>

Booze Lolly Trend Could Put You Over the Limit

Today's trend for prosecco-flavoured ice lollies for adults could lead to disaster on the roads, with police warning drivers to be careful about bingeing on alcoholic lollipops this summer. Read More >>

Police Forces Trial Sobriety Tags to Keep Tabs on Offenders’ Boozing

People who turn bad after a few drinks might soon be made to wear alcohol-detecting sobriety tags, as three UK police forces test the idea of enforcing no-booze rehab schemes on offenders. Read More >>