UK’s Pub Purge Continues as 1,300 Close in a Year

The UK pub scene that includes everything that isn't a massive Wetherspoons is showing no signs of recovery, as stats show that nearly 1,300 of our pubs closed last year. We didn't even think there were 1,300 left. Read More >>

Football is Good for Pubs, Says World’s Most Obvious Sales Statistics

Earlier this week England played a football match. They also won that football match, which made people start celebrating in such a ferocious manner you'd think they'd won the entire World Cup with that single winning goal. The police had to be called where I live, and I still can't work out whether it was because people had decided to celebrate by fighting or not. What we do know, however, is that winning the match was good for the country's many pubs. Read More >>

Now Aldi’s Champagne Has Been Named One of the World’s Best

Last week it was announced that Aldi's whiskies had won a bunch of prestigious awards, despite the fact they cost a lot less than other, more expensive brands. Turns out the discount supermarket's quality booze isn't restricted to spirits, because its champagne has just been named one of the best in the world. Read More >>

The Beer is Running Out as CO2 Crisis Continues

After decades of there being too much Co2 everywhere you look, now all of a sudden there's not enough of one particular type -- and the beer producers are running out of the little bubbles to put in their refreshing beverages. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Ditches French Champagne in Latest Brexit Sulk

Annoyingly political pub chain Wetherspoons and its annoyingly political owner Tim Martin have decided to Brexit the drinks menu ahead of the UK's departure from the EU, although the changes are all to do with trade rules and cheaper imports, not randomly hating foreign people and the stuff they make, promises Tim. Read More >>

Aldi’s Bargain Whiskies Scoop Taste Test Awards

Some bottles of the brown stuff from the cheaper end of the spectrum have stuck it to the posho varieties, with discount supermarket Aldi managing to win two gold medals from the red-noses of the Scotch Whisky Masters board. Read More >>

Stolen Golf Buggy Apprehended at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A drunk man in a golf cart was arrested in a McDonald's in Catterick, North Yorkshire. It's the damn hot weather and thunderstorms, it's turning everyone mad. Read More >>

Derby Pub Bans Royal Wedding Talk

A pub in Derby is making itself into a royal wedding free zone, with the landlady of the Alexandra Hotel deciding to ban her customers from mentioning the ginger prince and his TV bride. Read More >>

Cancer Warnings on Beer Bottles Might Calm the Lads Down

Researchers looking into ways to stop people hitting the bottles and cans so hard have found that generic health advice isn't particularly useful, but what does work is threatening drinkers with the c-word. Read More >>

Scotland is Putting an End to Cheap Booze From Today

Back in 2012 the Scottish government passed some legislation to implement a minimum price on alcohol, in order to tackle issues with overdrinking. Despite some of the legal challenges that legislation faced in the years since, today is the day that it goes into effect. Read More >>

One Reason Alcohol May Give You Bad Breath 

The perils of drinking too much alcohol run deep—even if there’s still an ongoing debate as to how much is too much. A new study published Monday in Microbiome suggests one of those perils is a mouth filled with potentially harmful bacteria. Read More >>

Villagers Raise £1 Million to Stop Local Pub Becoming Local Flats

What do you do when your local pub shuts for good and gets sold off to property developers with plans to turn it into some fancy flats? Obviously you raise money to buy it back with a law most people haven't heard of. Read More >>

There’s a Pink Beer for Girls Now, But it’s Ironic so Everything’s Fine

Big-booted craft beer brewer Brewdog has had an idea: a special type of beer in a pink bottle that's for women. But it's OK, one of Elon Musk's experiments hasn't caused a rip in time and dumped us all back to 1995 -- it's being done ironically to highlight gender pay gaps. Ah, you see now. It's not an ill-advised marketing stunt, or something that might've been given away free with the July 1997 issue of FHM. Read More >>

Uber Rider Says he Blacked Out, Rode Through Multiple US States, Got Exactly The Fare You’d Expect

A drunk North American New Jersey native reportedly went out with friends in Morgantown, West Virginia, last Friday, and then called an Uber to take him home. Kenny Bachman says he thought he was going back to the place he was staying during his trip, near the West Virginia University Campus. Except, the Uber driver took Bachman to his home in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Read More >>

It’ll Be Pints of Champagne for Everyone on Brexit Day

One English winemaker is already planning for the Brexit celebrations and/or sorrows-drownings, by bottling up its rough approximation of champagne in pint bottles. Because Winston Churchill said so. Read More >>