Asda Confuses Welsh Shoppers With Free Alcohol Claim

A branch of Asda in Wales tried to do the right thing in putting up Welsh-language signs to point the way to stuff on the aisles, but whoever did it made a big old mess of things and accidentally promised shoppers free beer. Blame the manager and Google Translate. Read More >>

Booze Runs to France are Still a Thing With the Glass-o’-Wine Set

People in the parts of the UK that are near enough to France to get the car over and back in a day are still doing exactly that, as booze runs that take advantage of cheap French wine warehouses are very much still happening – even as those very same people in those very same Vauxhall Merivas try to stop anything foreign entering the country via their lovely old Brexit. Read More >>

Rural Pubs Given Cash to Diversify into Post Offices, Shops and Soft Play Parks

A bit of government money is going into trying so save local pubs under the brand "Pub is The Hub," which is encouraging rural pubs to think about diversifying away from the teetering model that is selling pints of Guinness to men who drink too slowly for it to be sustainable. Read More >>

More Game of Thrones-Themed Whisky is on the Way

The world is no stranger to themed whiskys, let alone ones that have some sort of inspiration from Game of Thrones. Last year we got 'White Walker', which was designed to be drunk at cold temperatures, and this year we'll be seeing more things like that. Specifically single malt scotchs that have been modelled after the great houses of Westeros (and the Night's Watch). Read More >>

Christmas Drink-Driving Ads Bin the Horror/Death Approach

There will be no awkward silences in the room as a crying woman and a child's mangled scooter pop up on the TV and dad remembers he's supposed to drive nan back home in a minute, as the UK's 2018 traditional festive anti-drinking and driving ad campaign features a cheery collection of lads having a banter and looking after each other, being all sensitive and suchlike, as they apparently are now. Read More >>

Booze Shop Stockpiles Wine in Case of Brexit Import Crisis

Posh off licence chain Majestic Wine is preparing for the infinite branching possible future Brexit scenarios in the only way it knows how – by stockpiling wine. Stick to what you know and it'll all turn out fine. Read More >>

Raccoon Suspected of Having Rabies Was Actually Just Drunk as Hell

Following recent reports that masked perpetrators were raising alarm in a town in the US state of West Virginia, police say they have reason to believe the troublemakers had just gotten wrecked. Read More >>

Government Plans Licensing Laws for Airports to Hinder the Lads’ Boozy Breakfasts

The government's about to start to (try to) do something about the occasional drunken furore that kicks off on the bucket-and-spade-and-a-condom flights to abroad-land, and has launched a consultation over the long-awaited introduction of licensing laws to international airport pubs. Read More >>

Lidl Tries to Dethrone Mulled Wine With Plum and Cinnamon Gin

Make way for today's second story about gin, but don't worry we won't be changing our name to Ginmodo anytime soon. In addition to Firebox's Stormtrooper gin, there's also some gintastic news from Lidl. The discount supermarket has launched a special variety just for Christmas, and looks to be taking shots at the festive popularity of mulled wine. Read More >>

Stormtroopers Always Missed, and its Probably Because They Were Drunk on Their Own Brand of Gin

These days there's a licensing deal for just about everything, and booze is certainly no exception. After all if Johnnie Walker can develop a limited edition bottle of scotch called 'White Walker' then this kind of booze was inevitable. So now there's gin that the stormtroopers can proudly call their own, sold exclusively by Firebox. They even come in helmet-shaped bottles. Read More >>

climate change
Drink Beer While You Can Still Afford It

The climate apocalypse wants to strip us of everything sacred in this world. There are concerns about chocolate (though it isn’t going extinct), the future of wine, and even the potential loss of Tabasco sauce! Read More >>

Bottoms Up! 8,000 Gallons of Bubbly Bursts From Foamy Wine Tank

An Italian winery, L’enoteca Zanardo Giussano in Conegliano, Veneto, lost approximately 8,000 gallons of bubbly on 25 September, due to an overserved silo. Read More >>

White Walker is Johnnie Walker’s Limited Edition Game of Thrones-Themed Whisky

Last year Johnnie Walker released a limited edition Black Label scotch whisky to tie-in with the release of Blade Runner 2049. That sort of licensing must have done well for the company, because it's done something similar this year. It's just announced the launch of White Walker, a Game of Thrones-themed bottle of scotch. Read More >>

World Health Organization Study Finds Alcohol Responsible for Five Per cent of Deaths Worldwide

Alcohol is responsible for over one in 20 of all deaths worldwide, according to the most recent edition of a World Health Organization (WHO) report that comes out every four years. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Kicks Out More Foreign-Sounding Booze

That man who owns those pubs is getting political again, with Mr Wetherspoon demanding his suppliers source more British-sounding alcohols instead of your bloody foreign rubbish like Courvoisier and Jägermeister. It's not racism, of course, because you can't be racist to objects and also because drinks sourced from outside the EU are cheaper and taste better, says the JDW owner. Read More >>