Heathrow Stockpiles Rubber Gloves for Post-Brexit Cavity Searches

The UK rubber glove manufacturing industry is not what it once was, hence Heathrow airport says it's starting to build up a stockpile of the hand prophylactics in case of a supply chain collapse post-Brexit. Read More >>

Saudi Arabia is Building a 600-Mile Wall Along the Iraq Border

Saudi Arabia is building great wall – or rather, a great chainlink fence with razor wire – to "protect against ISIS" in Iraq. And it's not the only country investing in very expensive walls right now, even though they probably won't work. Why? Because walls aren't just about security. They're also powerful symbols. Read More >>

Google Maps Stays Neutral by Only Showing Your Side in Border Disputes

Border disputes are going on in many places around the world. That makes life difficult for mapmakers, and especially difficult for the world's foremost online map service, Google Maps. As The Washington Post points out, Google strives to not get stuck in the middle of a territorial struggle, by showing you the border you most likely want to see based on where you're Googling from. Read More >>

Rubbish Twitter Banter Gets UK Tourists Kicked out of America

26-year-old Leigh Van Bryan and his friend Emily Bunting were cuffed and stuffed into jail cells upon landing in Los Angeles, thanks to joking about plans to "destroy America" in a simple tweet to a friend before leaving. Read More >>