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Boris Johnson Announces He Tested Positive For Covid-19 in Twitter Video

Boris Johnson has tested positive for covid-19, according to a new video tweeted out by Johnson himself. Johnson assured us that he’s fully capable of leading the country from self-isolation, all thanks to modern technology. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Under Pressure to Close Construction Sites in the Wake of Conflicting Official Advice

The government is being criticised for its wishy washy advice on what counts as 'essential' in the field of construction, and with officials offering different interpretations of the new laws, the Prime Minister is facing backlash from angry industry workers. Read More >>

Coronavirus Lockdown: Here Are Boris Johnson’s New Rules on What You Can and Can’t Do

After addressing the nation's effort - or apparent lack thereof - to self-isolate, Boris Johnson has confirmed the inevitable; people can't bloody listen, and now it's time to get serious. Read More >>

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Boris Johnson Jokes With CEOs That Ventilator Crisis Should Be Called ‘Operation Last Gasp’: Report

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under fire for mismanaging his country’s response to the covid-19 crisis in the UK, almost as poorly as President Donald Trump across the Atlantic. But Johnson’s latest comments, made on a conference call with British CEOs, might be the worst thing he’s said yet about the pandemic. Johnson reportedly suggested calling the UK’s desperate efforts to produce more ventilators, “Operation Last Gasp,” according to a new report from Politico EU. Read More >>

Casetteboy Releases Boris Johnson Brexit Remix and the Internet Is Loving It

The Brixton electronica duo has returned after a bit of downtime with a remix that pulls no punches. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Caught Using Huawei Phone in the Midst of UK Security Concerns

In a somewhat embarrassing snafu, the prime minister was spotted using what appeared to be a smartphone from Huawei. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Ploughs Ahead With Big Tech Tax Plans in Face of US Disapproval

It looks like Boris Johnson may be forging ahead with plans to tax big tech companies, even though it could complicate US trade negotiations. Read More >>

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Labour Party Hit With ‘Sophisticated and Large Scale’ Cyber Attack During Election Campaign

The Labour Party announced on Tuesday that it’s been hit with a “sophisticated and large scale” cyber attack on its digital platforms but suggested that all of its data was secure. Read More >>

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Was Boris Johnson Trying to Quote Churchill During His Dystopian Chicken Speech at the UN?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a bizarre speech on Tuesday night at the United Nations General Assembly that included plenty of dire warning about the future, including everything from the rise of killer robots to “limbless chickens” on the kitchen table. And as strange as it sounds, Johnson may have been trying to quote former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Read More >>

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Boris Johnson Warns of ‘Pink-Eyed Terminators’ and ‘Limbless Chickens’ in Absolutely Bonkers UN Speech

Boris Johnson delivered a bizarre late night speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, warning that technology could make our world a dystopian hellscape if it’s not properly constrained – a place where mattresses monitor our nightmares, heartless algorithms deny us medical care, and... robots travel from the future to slaughter humanity. Read More >>

Boris Wants to Hulk Out for Brexit, Because This Is Where This Farce Is at Right Now

If you’ve been trying to pay attention to whatever in god’s now-ungodly-name is going on in the UK right now over the nightmare that is Brexit, recently you’ve heard about some bizarre, arcane parliamentary terminology. Prorogation! The Speaker! The Black Rod! Boris Johnson! Well, here’s one new term you probably don’t need explaining: The Hulk. Read More >>

UK Government Plans to Collect ‘Targeted and Personalised’ Data on Internet Users to Prepare For Brexit: Report

The government is planning to collect “targeted and personalised information,” on anyone who visits the government’s various websites, according to a new report from BuzzFeed News. Politicians in the UK are being told that it’s a “top priority” and that the information is needed to prepare for Brexit, which is still scheduled for October 31. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Outlines Proposals to Nip the Spread of Measles in the Bud

The UK has lost its measles-free status and Boris Johnson has announced a number of initiatives to tackle the problem. Read More >>

Welsh Alexa Has Some Unexpectedly Strong Opinions on Boris Johnson When Asked the Right Question

According to Welsh Alexa, Boris Johnson is a moron cunt - a sentiment you may or may not wholeheartedly agree with, but the virtual assistant's contribution to the conversation is sheer fluke. Read More >>

Did Boris Johnson Ramble About Model Buses to Manipulate Google’s Search Results?

Boris Johnson might soon become the Prime Minister after Theresa May stepped down in disgrace following her failed attempts to exit the European Union. And that means Johnson has been giving lots of interviews lately, including one with TalkRadio, where Johnson rambled on about how he enjoys making model buses. It was.... weird. Read More >>