2019’s Next Protest Blimp is Inevitably Boris Johnson

The one-man political Hindenberg that is Boris Johnson is the target of come-lately satirists who've stolen someone else's idea, with a funding plea underway to raise enough money to build a blimp of the already grossly over-inflated and fit-to-burst potential next prime minister. Read More >>

Photoshop Challenge: The State of Boris’s Home Life

Last weekend Boris Johnson got a little visit from the Fuzz, after a neighbour called in to report a possible domestic disturbance. Apparently Boris was arguing with his partner/girlfriend Carrie Symonds, with one allegedly telling the other to "get out of my flat". Boris has insisted everything is a-ok, and since then a picture of the couple sitting and smiling in a garden has popped up online. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Was Mistaken for Donald Trump in New York

London mayor Boris Johnson has said that he's "genuinely worried" about what might happen to America, the rest of the world and even our part of the galaxy should Trump wangle his way into the US presidency, but that's not the worst of it. Read More >>

Boris Crushes London Cabbie Relations With “F*** Off” Rant

Someone cruising London with their phone camera sticking out of the window of their car has bagged a bizarre and potentially apocalyptic video of mayor Boris Johnson, who's captured telling one of the city's black cab drivers to "F*** off and die". Read More >>

Uber Battles Boris Over Minicab Cap

The smouldering row over Uber's gradual backdoor takeover of London's taxi system is about to kick off again, thanks to Uber's UK boss Jo Bertram complaining about Boris Johnson's backing of a plan to limit private minicab numbers in the capital. Read More >>

Airports Commission Torpedoes Boris Island

The long-running series of meetings looking at how to expand London's air travel bandwidth has ruled out the "Boris Island" option, with the Airports Commission officially eliminating the Thames Estuary hub plan from its options for future expansion. Read More >>

Commuter Cashback Scheme May Encourage Londoners to Walk or Bike to Work

London's Mayor is open to considering a scheme that would enhance the part-time travelcard scheme with new incentives for commuters, including a plan that could hand out cash rebates on season tickets for days when travellers dare to cycle or walk instead. Read More >>

Boris’s U-Turn: Flexible Travel Cards to Go on Sale Next Year

Everyone's favourite floppy-haired mayor has promised a three-day travelcard for part-time workers and telecommuters starting in January next year, flip-flopping magnificently from a position he held just a few months ago. Read More >>

Boris Island Sinking as Airport Commission Favours Expanding Heathrow or Gatwick

Boris Johnson's dream of building himself a little island in the Thames Estuary or outsourcing all of London's flying needs to Kent appear to be in trouble, thanks to the Airports Commission deciding that whacking a new runway in at Heathrow or Gatwick ought to keep the country competitive until 2030. Read More >>

“Greed is Good” Guffaws Fat/Wealthy London Mayor

As you might expect, influential posho Boris Johnson is totally on the side of London's banking industry, suggesting the UK's about to enjoy a 1980s-style boom and that the city's greed should be considered a "valid motivator" that helps drive economic progress. Read More >>

Boris Blames Headphones for London’s Cycling Deathwave and Wants Them Banned

Comedy London Mayor Boris Johnson is suggesting that bike riders wearing headphones as they cut through the city's traffic may be partially responsible for causing the rash of recent deaths, and suggests a ban on cyclists wearing headphones while riding may be a good idea on safety grounds. Read More >>

Northampton Clown-Catcher Vigilante Promises to End Internet Clown Mystery

You may have seen the Northampton Clown terrorising the internet in the past few days... now another clown has jumped on the bandwagon, with a superhero threatening to hunt him down and squirt water in his face from a pretend flower. Read More >>

Boris Wants to Smash Heathrow and Build a New Airport for London… in Kent

Boris Johnson has outlined three possible new ways of expanding London's air capacity, and none include making Heathrow bigger. In fact, if Boris gets his way, Heathrow would be demolished and turned into around 250,000 new houses. Read More >>