Scientists Release Result from ‘Astonishing’ Feat of Creating and Testing Quantum Gas in Space

Last year, graduate student Dennis Becker watched from a safehouse as the MAIUS-1's sounding rocket took off from a launch facility in the Swedish Arctic. But even after repeated delays from snow and wind, he wouldn’t know for a few days whether the rocket’s payload survived. When the ambitious experiment dropped back to Earth after six spending six minutes in space, clouds made a helicopter retrieval impossible, and the project sat for days alone in the Swedish tundra, where the temperatures dropped to -30 degrees C (-22 F). Read More >>

Scientists Made a Weird System to Study the Mysteries of Photonic Crystals

When you see light, you’re looking at photons spat out by an excited atom. But what if instead of light, an excited atom released a wave of matter? Read More >>

How NASA Will Unlock the Secrets of Quantum Mechanics Aboard the ISS

An Antares rocket launched from Virginia before sunrise this morning and is on its way to the International Space Station. Its 7,400 pounds of cargo include an experiment that will chill atoms to just about absolute zero—colder than the vacuum of space itself. Read More >>

Ultra-Cold Atoms Recreate the Expanding Universe in Tabletop Experiment

Eerie similarities unite vastly different scientific ideas in sometimes utterly surprising ways. One of these similarities may have allowed scientists to recreate the expanding universe—on a counter-top. Read More >>

Scientists Create Mind-Bending Rydberg Polarons, Atoms Full of Atoms

Some of the most exciting, mind-blowing physics happens when things get really, really cold—such as atoms clumping beneath the shell of a far-out electron. Imagine a bunch of people huddled under an awning, except the people are atoms, and the awning is... also an atom. Read More >>

No, Scientists Didn’t Just Create Negative Mass or Defy the Laws of Physics

A few days ago, I spotted a strange title on a physics paper, claiming to have produced negative mass. I gave it a read. No they didn’t, I thought to myself. I will not cover this interesting but esoteric cold atomic physics paper. Read More >>