Fake Health News Can Damage Your Real Health

Research into the weird world of fictional news spread online by bots has found that it could have a negative effect on the health of the more gullible readers, with fake health news and reports suckering some people in with their wicked lies. Read More >>

An Amazon Bot Is Making the Greatest Smartphone Cases 

In what’s either the best art project, the best business move, or both, someone has made what I assume is a bot that’s churning out thousands of unique iPhone cases for sale on Amazon. Pretty much all of them are masterpieces. Read More >>

The BBC’s New Doctor Who Bot Lets You Play Companion

It seems that Skype chatbots are the new in thing in TV circles: not long after Heston Blumenthal got his own chefbot, the BBC has announced they've made one for Doctor Who. Read More >>

trump tweets
This Bot Prints Trump’s Tweets, Then Sets Fire To Them

It seems even robots hate Donald Trump's tweets. A Twitter account called @BurnedYourTweet has been replying to them with a video of said tweet being printed out, cut, then burnt. Read More >>

computer science
Bots on Wikipedia Wage Edit Wars Between Themselves That Last For Years

Revision wars on Wikipedia amongst human editors is an all-too-common occurrence, but new research from the UK shows that similar online battles are being waged between the site’s software robots. Read More >>

Microsoft Bot Makes Your Worst Pop Culture Nightmares Come True

Crossovers are a mainstay of pop culture, but they rarely address the deepest questions posed by their fictional universes. “What if Gordon Ramsay was Han Solo?” you might ask. “What if the Joker had a beard?” Thanks to a criminally deranged Skype bot named Murphy, you needn’t wonder any longer. Read More >>

Researchers Have Created a Video Chatbot Starring Friends’ Matt LeBlanc

It's been many years since Friends was last on the air, but don't you wish there were more episodes to enjoy? Researchers at the University of Leeds have been working on a project that turned at least one of the members of the cast into a virtual video chatbot. Read More >>

Pokébot is a Facebook Messenger Bot You Might Actually Use

Some people seem to think that bots are the future, letting us do things online without actually having to resort to human interaction. But at the moment they're all pretty basic, and are only really good for producing a mixed emotional reaction when they develop racist tendencies. Read More >>

This Robot that Runs Entirely off a Neural Network is Creepy as Hell

This creepy machine, called Alter, runs entirely off a neural network. That means all its incoherent and erratic movements are 100 per cent free of any human control. It’s basically alive. Read More >>

10 Facebook Bots Actually Worth Chatting With

If you haven’t yet heard, the chatbots are coming — ready to take your pizza order, answer your technical support questions, and even help you respond to your friends’ pictures in the most predictable way. We’re still in the very early days of the bot revolution on Facebook Messenger, but we’ve found a handful that are actually worth shooting the breeze with. Read More >>

Investigation Launched Into Ashley Madison, CEO Says ‘Sorry’

Almost a year after a massive hack exposing the users of the infidelity website Ashley Madison, its parent company Avid Life Media is bringing on a new CEO and president to make some much needed changes. However, the company is also the subject of a new investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), according to Reuters. Read More >>

AI Lawyer Successfully Argues Against 160,000 Parking Tickets

A 19-year-old tech-minded chap claims to have automated the parking ticket appeals process, saying that his AI appeals chatbot has somehow managed to get 160,000 parking tickets and associated fines issued to drivers in London and New York overturned. Read More >>

Facebook Messenger May Be About to Get Way More Bots

Facebook’s Messenger has recently started dabbling with chat bots, such as the one used by Uber to help you order a ride. Now, reports suggest that Zuckerberg & Co. may be about to open up such possibilities much more widely. Read More >>

How Ashley Madison Hid Its Fembot Con From Users and Investigators

The developers at Ashley Madison created their first artificial woman sometime in early 2002. Her nickname was Sensuous Kitten, and she is listed as the tenth member of Ashley Madison in the company’s leaked user database. On her profile, she announces: “I’m having trouble with my computer ... send a message!” Read More >>

One Chart That Shows How Much Money Ashley Madison Made Using Bots

Earlier today, I reported that Ashley Madison’s source code reveals a concerted effort to create an army of thousands of female bots to “engage” men and get them to pay more for the site’s services. Now we have a chart from the company’s leaked emails that shows how much money they made from the bots. Read More >>