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The Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine

It's intentionally obnoxious but this video goes through all the ridiculously dangerous ways a person can open a bottle of wine. I'm talking about chainsaws, guns, rockets, blow torches, swords and more. I think my personal favourite is cracking open a bottle with the torch. Followed closely by chainsaw. [XtremeWineProduction via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

This Bottle Opener-Stopper Combo Is Flash Gordon’s Only Bar Tool

You may already have a bottle stopper and you surely already have a bottle opener, but chances are neither of them look quite this awesome. Bottlejak is sleek, raygun-esque combo tool with a CNC machined solid aluminum body for opening bottles and a CNC-machined solid stainless steel plug for closing them. It's not messing around. Read More >>

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The Most Creative (and Ridiculous) Ways To Open a Beer Bottle

Think you and your friends have come up with the most unique and original ways to open a beer bottle? Think again. Chris Sumers and Adam Young created this fast-paced video, Bottle Cap Blues, that shows everything from axes, to iPods, to nail guns, to belly buttons being used to crack open a cold one. Read More >>

Crack Open a Beer With a Switchblade Bottle Opener and You’ll Feel Like the Badass You Absolutely Are Not

Chances are you don't have much use for a switchblade in your life. But you probably use a bottle opener all the time. GamaGo's Switch Pop combines the tough guy imagery of the former with the utility of the latter. Read More >>