We Really Are Going to Have to Take Plastic Bottles Back to the Shops

There almost certainly and most probably in all likelihood WILL be a bottle return deposit scheme launched in England in the near future, as the government's said a return system for all "single use drinks containers" is nearly definitely coming. Read More >>

Pret Pioneers its Own Bottle Deposit Scheme

Sandwich and crisps specialist Pret a Manger is leading the charge to reintroduce a bottle return deposit to the UK, with a small number of its stores about to test public appetite for bringing empty plastic water bottles back to the shop for recycling. Read More >>

Professional Worriers Want More Health Warnings on Alcohol Labels

A group of important people are suggesting that cigarette pack style health warnings should be added to alcohol containers, to make sure people knocking them back know that the short-term confidence high is likely to come with the possibility of longer term health lows. Read More >>

Supermarkets Back Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

Greenpeace has been troubling the UK supermarkets for their opinions on whether or not a Scottish/English/Welsh or UK-wide plastic bottle scheme would have their support, and a couple of them committed to the idea with an unequivocal yes. Read More >>

Government Opens Consultation on Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

The UK government wants your opinions about whether or not a deposit scheme for plastic bottles would be a good idea or not, as it considers options to stop the country joining mainland Europe because we're filling the channel with Diet Coke bottles. Read More >>

Demand Free Water to End Plastic Pollution

We are apparently all too polite and embarrassed to be seen as poor freeloaders to ask for tap water in pubs and restaurants, hence we pay way too much money for bottled water, with the empty plastic vessels then embarking on a one-way mission into the stomach of a sea lion or whale. Read More >>

Britvic Has a Wooden Drinks Bottle in Development

Drinks manufacturer and bottler to the stars of the fizzy pop world Britvic has an idea that could save the world from gradual plasticisation and the death of the sea -- a wooden drinks bottle. You could just throw it on the floor when you're done having your 20 teaspoons of sugar. Read More >>

Coke to Test Bottle Deposit Scheme in Scotland

The Coca-Cola drinks-and-therefore-plastic-bottle production giant has changed its stance on the concept of the bottle recycling deposit scheme, deciding that it may well be a good idea for its international image if it was to start encouraging recycling by adding a small refundable deposit to the price of each bottle it sells. Hence collecting old bottles might become a nice hobby again, like it was years ago when it was glass being refunded. Read More >>

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Watch a Guy Transform an Old Glass Bottle into a Sharp Arrowhead

Junkyard flint knapping is my new favourite thing because it takes a piece of rubbish, and recycles it into something else with just a few taps (okay, more than a few taps). Read More >>

New Plastic Coating Will Let You Get Every Last Drop of Shampoo Out of the Bottle

Getting that last bit of shampoo or washing up liquid out of a bottle is a total pain. Researchers have now engineered a surface coating that allows thick and soapy products to slide right out — meaning you’ll never have to store your shampoo bottle upside down ever again. Read More >>

This Flat-Pack Water Bottle Can Squeeze Inside a Laptop Bag

A backpack's got plenty of pouches and pockets for storing a water bottle, but a sleek messenger bag? Good luck fitting a Nalgene in there without an unsightly bulge. You'll either need to go without and keep an eye out for drinking fountains, or toss a few dollars towards these Kickstarted flat-pack water bottles. Read More >>

Brazil’s Football Team Has Smart Gatorade Bottles That Track Hydration

Everyone knows you should drink plenty of fluids when playing sports, but hydration actually becomes an exact science when the pride of your nation is at stake during something like the World Cup. That's why at this year's tournament, Brazil's football team is using specially-designed Gatorade bottles that track how much the players are drinking. Read More >>

A Simple Bottle Redesign Makes Removing Lids a Lot Easier

There's good news for those of us who've ever felt embarrassed about not being able to get the cap off a bottle. A team of researchers in Japan have found that the bottle's round shape could actually be to blame, and that getting caps off bottles with a parallelogram-shaped cross-section is considerably easier. Read More >>

The 20 Weirdest, Coolest Liquor Bottles in the World

Generally speaking, it's what's inside a bottle that counts. It could come out of a yak udder just as long as it still tastes like a fine, single-malt Scotch. Still, there's nothing wrong with a little creative packaging. And booze bottles come in some of the most creative, decadent, and just plain bizarre designs you can imagine. Read More >>