Bournemouth Pier Enters the Marvel Universe

Bournemouth Pier shall now forever be known as the place where a massive Spider-Man had an ice cream, as the local tourist board thought that a vast mural of the Marvel character might be a good way of luring families into the area. Read More >>

The ‘Bomb’ That Cancelled Man United Vs Bournemouth Was a Training Device for Dogs

It’s slow hand clap time, people. You know the ‘suspicious package’ that caused Old Trafford to be evacuated and Man United’s final league game to be postponed? Turns out it wasn’t a terrorist threat, but the result of an incomplete tidying up operation. Read More >>

‘Life of Brian’ Premieres in Bournemouth… 35 Years Too Late

Controversial comedy the Life of Brian is finally about to appear on the big screen in Bournemouth, thanks to local councillors agreeing to overturn a ban on the film being shown in the town. Read More >>