Royal Mail Posts a Set of Bowie Stamps to Space*

The Royal Mail has done a stunt. To celebrate the release of its set of lovely David Bowie stamps it sent a parcel of full sets into space -- or near space, or at least quite high above the clouds, I don't know I'm not Brian Cox -- and is challenging the people of the world to work out where they're going to land to win a set. Probably in a neighbour's shed, two days late. Read More >>

David Bowie Must’ve Been Good as They’re Doing Him in Stamps

The Royal Mail clearly takes a while to get things done, as it's just revealed a plan to launch a series of stamps featuring David Bowie -- the man who even innovated in death by kicking off 2016's celebrity apocalypse just over a year ago. Read More >>

Bowie and Prince Storm Dead Celebrity Earnings Chart

Prince and David Bowie are actually doing pretty well for themselves these days, if you ignore the fact that they're dead, with both artists storming the charts when looking at the amount of money earned by deceased rockers, authors and general superstars. Read More >>

David Bowie Was Meant to Reprise His Role in the Twin Peaks Reboot

One of the many actors lined up to appear in the return of Twin Peaks has let loose quite the interesting but ultimately sad piece of news, revealing that David Bowie was set to bring his character back to the TV series. Read More >>

Bowie’s Typically-Weird ‘Blackstar’ Miniseries Has Hit Instagram

A 16-part series called Unbound that includes music from Bowie's final album has arrived on Instagram of all places, where fans can now see 15 seconds of not entirely sense-making action. Read More >>

Lady Gaga’s David Bowie Grammys Tribute Had Some Crazy Facial Projection Tech

Lady Gaga's Grammy night tribute to David Bowie pushed the boundaries of costume changes by having the star of today morph into several Bowie incarnations of old, not through makeup artists scrubbing her face and reapplying paint between songs -- but via overlaying projections atop her face. Read More >>

Astronomers Create Bowie Tribute Constellation

That starman who recently went home again like a more sexually active ET has had a special astrological tribute set up to him by his fans on earth, with a group of astronomers creating a Bowie lightning flash constellation. Read More >>