This Might Be the Least Fun Switch Accessory

But it’s still more fun than the Virtual Boy. Read More >>

This Elaborate Lego Mindstorms Factory Makes Just One Thing: Tiny Paper Boxes

The best feature of this elaborate Lego Mindstorms miniature factory is how utterly useless it is in the grand scheme of things. As its name implies, the Papercube spends about three minutes diligently performing just a single task: making a tiny folded paper cube. Read More >>

Physical Game Sales Crumbled in July as Gamers go Digital

Sales of in-a-box real versions of video games hit a new all-time low in the UK, at least since games were invented, started being £40 and sales began being counted, with just £21.4m spent on physical games in the UK during July; a number lower than the lowest low of £23m reported back in July of 2013. Read More >>

Your iPhone Can Search These Storage Boxes Without Having to Open Them

You know that stack of storage boxes buried deep in your closet that you're too lazy to dismantle to find that one item you're looking for? These boxes from King Jim feature a small tag on one side that lets you catalog photos of their contents, so when it's time to find something you can do all the searching from your iPhone or iPad. Read More >>