Here’s How Tommy Robinson Ended Up Ringside At The KSI Vs Logan Paul YouTube Boxing Match

Last Saturday was one of the biggest nights ever for YouTube. Half a million people paid £7.50 each to tune in live and watch two of YouTube's biggest names - KSI and Logan Paul - try to beat the shit out of each other in the boxing ring. Because that's what the kidz like watching now, apparently. Read More >>

Police Investigate YouTuber’s Boxing Blag

A YouTuber is being investigated by the police after boasting of blagging his way into the ring after this weekend's heavyweight boxing title fight, with the operators of the Principality Stadium in Cardiff suggesting he created a security risk by using a fake pass to avoid paying the £2,000 price of a genuine VIP ticket and join Anthony Joshua in the ring after the fight. Read More >>

David Haye vs Mark di Mori Will Be Broadcast Live Through ‘Hayemaker’ VR App

Washed-up Technology-loving boxer David Haye has announced that viewers will be able to watch his comeback bout against Mark di Mori through virtual reality. “OMG!” we hear you say. Disappointingly, however, you won’t have a fighter’s eye view of proceedings. Read More >>

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Super Slow Motion Even Makes a Guy Getting Pummeled Look Glorious

This is boxer Giovanni Lorenzo. He's having a very bad moment. But if you think the GIF of this knockout punch is good, wait until you see what it looks like below, in aggressively slow motion. Read More >>

British Boxer Shows How to Deal With Twitter Trolls

Brit Boxer Curtis Woodhouse was unfortunate enough to take a beating in the ring last week, losing his light welterweight title. One particularly venomous Twitter user started hitting him with abuse about it, so Woodhouse decided to track him down. Read More >>

Laundry Punching Bag Gets You Fit While Being a Slob

Good news for slobs who let their dirty laundry pile up for months and months between washes. With this Punch Bag laundry bag they can turn their mountains of smelly shirts and unmentionables into an intense workout. Read More >>