Petrochemical Giant BP Amuses World with Net-Zero Ambition

One of the world's largest enablers of carbon output is declaring a push to make itself a net-zero carbon producer by 2050, with BP – the P of which stands for Petroleum (the B is for Bollock-loads-of) – claiming it wants to "help the world get to net-zero" by some emissions-offsetting sleight of accounting, that will be technically correct if you ignore what it does at the bottom of various seas. Read More >>

Discovery of ‘Invisible Oil’ Shows BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster Was Bigger Than We Thought

We already knew 2010’s Deepwater Horizon disaster was the biggest oil spill in history. When the BP rig exploded, it released 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico over the course of 87 days. Eleven workers died. So did thousands of marine animals. By all counts, it was horrible. Read More >>

BP Just Got Sued For False Advertising

Lawyers with the environmental legal nonprofit ClientEarth filed a groundbreaking complaint against BP for greenwashing in their ads. They’re also calling for a ban on all fossil fuel ads, unless they come with “a tobacco-style health warning” about the dangers the industry poses to the planet. Read More >>

Greenpeace Boxes in BP’s London HQ

A few of the angriest and most active of the Greenpeace activists are currently encased in shipping containers in central London like little David Blaine tribute acts, as the environmental protesters turn their fury on BP for all that potentially troubling stuff it does with oil. Read More >>

Now BP is Adding EV Chargers to its Petrol Stations

Adoption of electric cars is on the rise, and as expected the petrol companies are capitalising on it by installing charging points at their petrol stations. So they can earn money from fossil fuel absconders, naturally, and also because the government might force them to. Read More >>

Oil Barons Get a Dose of the Anonymous Treatment For Melting Our Ice Caps

It seems paedophiles aren't the only people on the Anonymous hit list at the moment -- the oil barons are slap bang in the centre of their sights too. 1,000 email logins for five different big oil companies, including the likes of Shell and BP, have been dumped on the internet for all the world to see, use and abuse. Read More >>