Copyright Holders Asked Google to Remove 345 Million Links Last Year 

Copyright holders were not shy about asking Google to remove pirated content in 2014. Last year, there were over 345 million requests to take down infringing content, according to a Torrent Freak summary of the search firm's weekly transparency reports – that's a 75 per cent increase from 2013. Google honoured most of the requests, too. Read More >>

Northern Music Piracy Kingpin Jailed for 32 Months

A man from North Shields is behind bars today for his part in running a music piracy empire, with his Dancing Jesus site said to have cost the music industry £240m. Read More >>

Google’s Anti-Piracy Algorithm Will Now ‘Visibly Affect’ File-Sharing Sites’ Rankings

Google appears to be making good on a two-year-old promise to demote the search rankings of websites that receive more than their fair share of valid takedown notices. Read More >>

VCAP’s Four Strikes and You’re… Free to Continue Pirating Stuff Rules Put in Place

The new, significantly more relaxed VCAP piracy warning system comes in to place today, with the major UK ISPs agreeing to start sending warning letters to households of illegal downloads. Up to four letters will be sent, before... nothing else happens. Read More >>

21 New Sites of Shame Added to BPI’s UK ISP Piracy Blockade

If you get your music from suspiciously-named sites like eMp3World and Mp3Raid you're about to find yourself out of luck, as these -- and 19 other music download sites -- are about to hit the BPI's Pirate Bay lockdown list and disappear for good. Read More >>

BPI-Backed “Transmitter” YouTube Channel to Plug the Gap Left by Top of the Pops

Unless you can stomach Jools Holland's honky-tonk interludes on the otherwise-excellent Later... BBC shows, there isn't much opportunity elsewhere to catch live music on TV anymore. And no, we're not counting X-Factor. Live music video has migrated online, a world dominated by bedroom broadcasters and indie-upstarts. And now the major British music labels want a piece of the action. Read More >>

ISPs Asked to Compile “Downloader’s Database” of Music Thieves

The BPI and the major UK record labels are meeting at Downing Street next week, to see what more can be done to dissuade piracy in the UK. Top of the list is pushing a scheme that asks ISPs to voluntarily track illegal downloaders to make their prosecution easier. Read More >>

UK ISPs Now Secretly Blocking Pirate Bay Proxies Without Court Approval

The official public list of blacklisted torrent sites is rather short, but it would appear to be secretly growing thanks to ISPs adding some Pirate Bay proxy sites to the banned list without being forced to do so by the courts. Read More >>

Kickasstorrents Banned
The British Torrent Blockade Continues as the BPI Strikes Again

It's not just the Pirate Bay that's feeling the sting of High Court-infused blocking orders. Three more torrent sites, KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy, have been given the special treatment thanks to the BPI, just like TPB, with BT, Virgin, O2 and Be already blocking them off the face of the UK internet. Read More >>

Three More Torrent Sites Added to UK’s ISP Blockade of Shame

The High Court has ordered our ISPs to start auto-blocking three more sites linked with piracy, as a new batch of torrent providers are made to sit with The Pirate Bay on the inaccessible step. Read More >>

Surprise! Chopping Down One Pirate Proxy Makes Two More Appear

In the latest round of internet Whac-a-Mole, two foreign Pirate Parties have leapt into action and provided two shiny new proxies to access The Pirate Bay, following the BPI shutting down the UK proxy last week with some heavy-handed legal threats. Like some kinda bad Greek monster, it seems if you cut off one head, a couple new ones sprout up in its place. Read More >>

Pirate Party Pirate Bay Proxy
The UK Pirate Party’s Pirate Bay Proxy Gets Nuked

Well, Big Media won, for the time being at least. After taking legal action against the individual members of the UK's Pirate Party personally, which was hosting a Pirate Bay proxy, said proxy has been taken offline. I don't blame them for caving, really. Wouldn't you faced with being completely wiped out personally? [Pirate Party] Read More >>

Banned Pirate Bay Music Promo Site Unbanned as BPI Admits Mistake

The BPI has yielded to public pressure and common sense, issuing the order to allow UK ISPs to unblock entirely legal music promotion site The Promo Bay. Read More >>

BPI Moves to take Down Pirate Party’s Pirate Bay Proxy

The Pirate Party has been providing a very useful forwarding service on behalf of the Pirate Bay, enabling those whose ISPs have blocked the service to easilly access the popular torrent site. Which has angered the British Phonographic Industry, as you might expect. Read More >>

BPI Wants More Torrent Sites Added to ISP’s Pirate Bay Block List

After successfully helping get (direct) access to the Pirate Bay officially blocked across all of the UK's key ISPs, the BPI is now said to be trying to add more torrent sites to the piracy blockade. Read More >>