A Dog With Cancer Got a New, 3D-Printed Titanium Skull

A nine-year-old dachshund suffering from an unusually large brain tumour – seen in the picture above – just got a new lease on life thanks to the powers of 3D-printing technology. Read More >>

Why in the World Did Ancient Humans Perform Brain Surgery On This Cow?

Humans have been drilling holes into each others’ heads for thousands of years, and, surprisingly, we’ve actually been pretty good at it, even way back when. A re-analysis of a 5,000-year-old cow’s skull suggests humans were performing cranial surgery on animals as well—but why would they even bother? The answer could yield new insights into ancient human behaviour and the origin of practices that still exist to this very day. Read More >>

The Tricky Science of Brain Surgery on an Adorable Fur Seal

Despite the cold, Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut was full of visitors on New Year’s Eve. But one popular aquarium resident, an adult northern fur seal named Ziggy Star, was behind the scenes that day, recuperating in an off-exhibit habitat, complete with a private pool. Read More >>

Patient Rocks Out During His Own Brain Surgery

Doctors often keep patients awake during brain surgery to monitor them for injuries in real time. Put in this situation, most of us would probably do very little of anything other than respond when spoken to and pray for a swift end to the experience. Read More >>

After 120 Years, Doctors Develop New Brain Surgery Technique

A team of surgeons from Johns Hopkins recently came up with a safer, better method of replacing skull fragments after brain surgery. This is good news for anybody who might need a little work done on their noggin in the near future, as doctors have been using the same method since the 1890s. Read More >>

A Step-by-Step Breakdown of an Awake Brain Tumour Removal Surgery

We the Kings bassist and YouTube celebrity Charles Trippy recently uploaded to YouTube a video of his brain surgery. This is an amazingly powerful thing to watch and I recommend taking the time to do so if you have any interest in the brain and/or medicine that you watch it. Read More >>

Hospital Live Blogs Actual Brain Surgery (and You Can Watch Video Live Right Now, Too)

There are some things that shouldn't be live blogged -- deathly-dull financials from a sewage treatment company; live births, and, err, maybe brain surgery? Seems a hospital in Houston thinks that live blogging an operation on some poor chap's brain is the right thing to do, and hell, it's got me intrigued, if a little bit weirded out. It's posting videos (like the hideous one where they're drilling into the guys head above), photos and text updates live on its Twitter feed: "Stand by… first incision". Read More >>