star wars
With This R2-D2, You Won’t Have to Go to Toshi Station to Pick Up Some Power Converters

The next time you find yourself fleeing an oppressive regime across the galaxy, or to just another country, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to plug your lightsaber into some unfamiliar socket. This immobile version of R2-D2 from Brando hides an entire stack of power adapters for 40 different countries. Read More >>

The Perfect Backpack for Lazy People Ensures You’ll Always Have a Place to Sit

Rush-hour commuting is tough, especially when you can't get a seat and have to stand up for the journey, surrounded by fellow disgruntled commuters. If this sounds like your way into work, Brando’s got just the backpack for you. Read More >>

A Lightsaber Battery Lets You Battle Intergalactic Power Emergencies

If you had to pinpoint one common feature of all the backup batteries on the market, it would probably be their uninspired brick-like form factor. There are exceptions, though, but none as elegant and civilised as Brando's new lightsaber-themed portable backup battery. Read More >>

Why Haven’t Mugs Told Us the Coffee’s Temperature Until Now?

If you've got £25 to spare and a few weeks to wait for delivery, Brando's got a new temperature sensing travel mug that guarantees you'll never again burn your mouth on scalding hot coffee—or accidentally sip a stale brew that's gone cold. Read More >>

With This Iron Man Mark VII Case Your iPhone Can Join The Avengers

Leave it to Brando to add one of the most obscene iPhone cases we've ever seen to its online catalogue. If you love the iPhone 5's minimalist design, you're going to hate it. But if you love The Avengers, particularly Iron Man, you've just found your next iPhone case. Read More >>

A Built-In Projector Manages To Make This Crappy Media Player Even Worse

Desperately clinging to a product category that smartphones have all but wiped out, this tiny media player has its sights set on the iPod Shuffle. And it hopes to nip away at its market share with a killer feature—a built-in projector—that only succeeds in making this device even worse. Read More >>

Desktop Missile Launcher Puts Firing Control On Your iPhone

You've probably seen remote controlled dart launchers all over the place, but this updated version transfers launch control from your PC to an iOS device using Bluetooth, letting you play Khrushchev by putting the launcher wherever you like. Read More >>