North Face Apologises for Showing Us the Future of Marketing

This week The North Face pulled off a clever marketing stunt that continues to deliver. Even following the company’s retraction and apology, the glittering underhandedness of the campaign will inspire marketing scum for generations. Read More >>

Playboy Deletes Facebook Pages Citing Both Election Meddling and Sexual Repression

When Playboy was founded in 1953, conservatives were up in arms about the way that it contradicted traditional values. But how times have changed. Playboy has become the latest brand to delete its Facebook pages, claiming that Facebook is both “sexually repressive” and contradicts Playboy’s values. Read More >>

Lego Tops the List of Britain’s Top Brands, But Google and Amazon Have Dropped Off the Top 20

Every year a list gets published. Not just any list, this a list documenting the consumer culture we live in by ranking well known brands on a variety of factors. This year is no different, and the top spot has been claimed by none other than the Lego company. Read More >>

After China Got Mad, Marriott Fired a Social Media Manager for Liking a Tweet About Tibet

After the passage of China’s new cybersecurity laws, watching out for international consequences might be par for the course for brands that do business there. Per a report in the Wall Street Journal, hospitality chain Marriott International Inc. fired 49-year-old Roy Jones, who was making just $14 (£10) an hour, after he liked a tweet praising the chain for listing Tibet “as a country, rather than part of China, in an online survey.” Read More >>

Coca-Cola Spends £759,000 Rebranding Iced Tea That Sounds Like Vulgar Word for Genitals in Europe

Last month, Coca-Cola announced that it was bringing its billion-dollar tea brand, Fuze Tea, to 37 countries in Europe. The only problem is that “fuze” doesn’t mean what they might have liked it to in German-speaking Switzerland. Read More >>

M&S and McDonald’s Join Google Ad Blockade

The investigation that found big brand adverts appearing alongside ISIS propaganda is slowly morphing into a nightmare for Google, as more mammoth companies join the government in putting their digital spends with the search company on hold. Read More >>

Asus Should Never, Ever Tweet

Laptop maker Asus should have learned a lesson from fellow laptop maker Razer: never tweet. The Taiwanese tech giant sent out a tweet yesterday that was so bad on so many levels, it’s amazing it was ever sent in the first place. Read More >>

Kanye West Declared Twitter Winner for August 31st 2016

The stats are in. Kanye West won the gold medal for the typing things you think into Twitter competition for the day of August 31 2016, with a is-it?-isn't-it? ironic message about his favourite international brand. Read More >>

Euro 2016 Mascot Shares Its Name With a Giant Dildo

Everyone knows that the first thing you do when naming a new product is to look it up on the internet to make sure it doesn't mean something rude in another language or is a brand of massive vibrating black penis; a step in the process apparently missed by those responsible for naming the Euro 2016 mascot Super Victor. Read More >>

21 April Fools’ Day Products That Are Totally Fake But Should Be Real

Scientifically speaking, April Fools’ Day is the worst day of the year. And as consumers we have only two options to survive the horror that is brands flogging the dead horse known as April Fools’ Day. Read More >>

Facebook is Changing its Logo and You Probably Won’t Even Notice

The screens, they are a’ changing. Facebook has tweaked its logo for the first time since 2005, and if we hadn’t pointed it out you, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed. Read More >>

Parent Groups Furious at YouTube Kids’ McDonald’s Advertorial Channels

Google's YouTube Kids app is far from being the sedate and innocent babysitter Google would have us believe, with US campaigners suggesting the way it blends editorial content with advertorial misleads children for the benefit of the world's super-rich brand behemoths. Read More >>

virtual reality
Google’s Reality-Bending Tablet Turned My Supermarket Into an Icy Playground

Imagine you're part of a big supermarket brand. How do you convince customers you're cool? If you're not waiting around for one of your employees to become a viral teen hearthrob, how about thrusting them into a virtual reality world? In the latest example of VR advertising, Google and Target have teamed up to let shoppers explore a winter wonderland as they stride down the aisles. Read More >>