Branson’s Training up for a Virgin Galactic Trip Within Months

The man who used to be the world's most popular cross-disciplinary businessman and self-publicist until Elon Musk came along is preparing to fire himself into space to regain his self-love crown, as Richard Branson says his Virgin Galactic enterprise is mere weeks away from hitting space -- and he's putting himself atop the list of passengers. Read More >>

Richard Branson Hints at Consumer Electric Car Future

Lord Branson of Great Britain may soon expand his empire to include electric cars, possibly bringing some of the technical know-how acquired from running the Virgin Racing Formula E team to the congested roads of the world. Read More >>

This is What Richard Branson Looks Like Dressed Up in Drag

When you're a billionaire who owns a Formula 1 team, what do you put up as collateral in a bet with rival F1 team and airline-owning billionaires? Why, your dignity of course. This is what happens when you lose a bet over whose team is better. Read More >>

Imagine Finding Richard Branson’s Severed Head Floating in Your G&T

I’m not sure about you, but I find the idea of having an effigy of Sir Richard Branson floating in my beverage a tad creepy. The fancy new ice cubes, shaped like the British entrepreneur’s severed head, will adorn the drinks upper class customers of Virgin Atlantic so that Sir Richard can “travel with you in spirit.” Read More >>

Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space
Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space Is Now Open For Business

Richard Branson has officially declared the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space (previously known as the Spaceport America) is open for business in the New Mexico desert. Spacemen, rev your engines. Read More >>