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CES 2019: This Smart Bra Measures Your Bust So You Finally Buy the Right Size

Dudes, let me tell you: Bras are expensive, and no matter what your cup size, finding one that actually fits is incredibly difficult. No seriously – some 80 percent of women are wearing ill-fitting bras. There’s a lot of bra calculators on the internet and tutorials about how to measure your cup size, band size, and sister sizes in case a store doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Some people swear going to a fancy boutique and letting a mystical clerk fondle your girls to figure out your ‘actual’ size. (And you haven’t really experienced pain until an underwire decides to stab your boobs in the middle of the day.) Read More >>

Victoria’s Secret Goes High-Tech With Heart-Rate Sensor Bra

This bra from expensive underwear specialist Victoria's Secret is the company's first tech-aware bit of sporting lingerie, coming with embedded electrodes for connection to any of today's legion of heart-rate tracking sensors. Read More >>

Bra Scientists Identify 6,000 Types of Boob

A startup that wants to revolutionise the bra industry has aggregated bosom data from over 500,000 women, using this to create a dazzling matrix of potential chest shapes and sizes. Imagine 6,000 unique bosoms stretching all the way to the horizon; that's the problem companies face when trying to build lady clothes. [TechCrunch] Read More >>

Microsoft Develops “Smart Bra” to Track Stress and Warn Against Eating Too Many KitKats

The good thing about bras, according to Microsoft's engineers, is that they're naturally placed close to the heart. This means they're ideally situated to monitor heart rate and skin temperature, with MS suggesting a smartbra may be augmented to combat stress-related eating disorders. Read More >>

A NASA Scientist Made an App Dedicated to More Secure Boobs

Bras are pretty much some of the oldest pieces of tech around — the undergarment can even trace its roots all the way back to the freelovin' days of ancient Greece. So as something most women wear nearly every day, it's amazing how many studies have come out claiming that ladies everywhere our wearing their bras all wrong. ThirdLove, a new app headed up by a NASA scientist-led engineering team, hopes to change all that with nothing more than an iPhone and a few snapshots. Read More >>

Wonderbra Built a Free App That Lets You Strip a Model Down to Her Skivvies

Sex sells. Blah, blah, blah. Wonderbra's lingerie x-ray vision app masquerading as an ad campaign is pretty incredible. Read More >>

Ex-Microsoft Employees Create Algorithm for the Perfect-Fitting Bra

Aarthi Ramamurthy and Michelle Lam, two former Microsoft staffers from San Francisco, are the brains behind the newly launched online lingerie-retailer True & Co. Read More >>

Would You Wear This Mobile Phone-Holster Bra?

A new student-run startup has come up with a "sexy, yet functional pocketed bra." Finally. Read More >>

British Olympic Ladies May Have “Sensors” in Their Bras

One of the posh new pieces of kit Stella McCartney has designed for the British Olympic team is a very modern bra for the lady tennis players, which integrates the Adidas MiCoach sensor and app system. Read More >>