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What It Looks Like When You Glitter-Bomb a Giant Abandoned Casino

Sony has a long history of dumping tons of money into spectacularly over-the-top commercials for its Bravia line of TVs. This time around it packed an abandoned casino in Romania full of glitter-filled balloons that were then popped to create a shimmering explosion of colour. Read More >>

Here’s the Full List of Sony’s 2015 TVs Getting YouView Before Bonfire Night

As of 4 November, you’ll be able to catch up on your favourite BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Player and Demand 5 shows through YouView on your new Sony Bravia telly. The service will go live at 8am via an automatic update, so you'll inevitably end up torturing yourself with excitement through the day, only to return and find out you haven't actually got automatic updates enabled Read More >>

Sony FMP-X5 Media Player Streams 4K Netflix (So, Just House of Cards, Then)

Sony's latest angular black box is designed for owners of older Bravia TV sets who want to upgrade their home cinema bullet-points to feature 4K streaming, bringing an HEVC decoder to owners of the 2012 and 2013 KD-84X9005, KD-65X9005A and KD-55X9005A model TVs. Read More >>

Want One of Sony’s Affordable 4K TVs? 55-Inches Will Run You £4,000

We've finally got shipping dates and prices for Sony's surprisingly affordable 4K TVs in the UK. The Bravia X9 is now up for pre-order starting at a wallet-crushing, but-slightly-less-than-a-car, £4,000 for the 55-incher, with its bigger 65-inch brother setting you back a £6,000. Considering that's basically what a top-end HDTV cost up until about 4 years ago, that's practically reasonable. Both ship mid-June if you've got the collateral. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Hands On: Thin, Light, and Very Promising (Update: UK Pricing and Release Date)

We've known about Sony's Xperia Tablet Z for the last month, with Sony promising incredible lightness, thinness, speed, and beauty. Guess what? It delivers. Read More >>

Sony Screws Older BRAVIA Owners Out of Sony’s Entertainment Network Netflix Launch

There's some good and some quite remarkably poor news out from Sony today, which has just announced the arrival of Netflix content through its Sony Entertainment Network connected devices. The bad news is, only owners of 2012 BRAVIA models can join in on the TV side. Read More >>

Sony’s New Xperia Phones Hands On: They Go Right For the Eyes

For a long time now Sony has made some of the best cameras out there. Love the iPhone 4S camera? Yeah, because it's got a Sony Exmor sensor in it. Sony's two new Xperias are also pushing the visuals mighty hard. Read More >>

Sony’s New HDTVs Are Your Excuse to Watch Everything in 3D

3DTV has earned its bad rap, and for good reason. Fast-moving sequences get blurry, the contrast gets soggy depending on the room's brightness, and God help you if you try to watch low-resolution video. But Sony's new Bravia HX 850 series aims to eliminate all these issues in one fell swoop. Read More >>

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Sony’s Bravia Business Split Into Three In Attempt to Save TV Brand

After eight-straight years of losses, Sony's splitting its Bravia TV business into three and cutting back. The surviving TV arms will be Sony-made LCDs, outsourced displays and next-gen TVs. Read More >>

Sony Recalls 40″ BRAVIA LCD TVs Over Fire Safety Concerns

Sony has just announced an amazing global product repair scheme, revealing a plan to check a staggering 1.6 million BRAVIA models it's sold over the past four years. Damaged components mean certain BRAVIAs "may overheat and at times ignite". Read More >>