Criminal Gangs Are Behind the Destruction of the Brazilian Amazon

Criminals, violence, and illegal activity drive deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, according to a new report. This is a brutal reminder that the people setting the Amazon rainforest on fire will do so at any cost – even human life. Read More >>

Defender of Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes Murdered ‘Execution-Style’ in Amazon Town

Maxciel Pereira dos Santos, a veteran defender of Brazil’s indigenous people, has reportedly been shot dead in a remote Amazon town while riding his motorcycle. Read More >>

Leo’s £4 Million Donation Is Great, But It’s Not Enough to Save the Amazon

Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental organisation Earth Alliance created a donation fund over the weekend to help address the crisis in the Amazon. The actor kicked in a $5 million (£4.1 million) donation, and the group is calling on the public to help as well. Read More >>

The Amazon Fires Coughed Up an Enormous Plume of Carbon Monoxide

New satellite imagery shows gigantic plumes of noxious carbon monoxide wafting over Brazil’s Amazon rainforest and surrounding areas—the result of massive forest fires currently raging in the region. Read More >>

The Amazon Forest Fires Are a Form of ‘Genocide’

When Richard Pearshouse visited indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon in April to investigate illegal deforestation, he heard countless horrors of land grabbers directly threatening and intimidating people. One story, however, really stuck with the head of environment and crisis with Amnesty International: a 22-year-old mother who finally lulled her children to sleep despite the sound of nearby gunfire only to find herself suffering the same insomniac fate. She was so scared, she couldn’t sleep. Read More >>

Big Donors Are Pulling Out of Brazil’s Amazon Fund; That Could Spell Trouble for the Rainforest

Norway and Germany have been helping support the Brazilian government for its efforts to reduce deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest for some 10 years now. These financial rewards—the annual donations to the Amazon Fund, which the Brazilian Development Bank manages—have amounted to nearly $1.3 billion (£1.1 billion). Read More >>

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Imagine Walking Into This Wall of Spiders and Never Sleep Again

You know what’s more terrifying than spiders creeping into your home in the middle of the night? Spiders in the freaking skies, man. Read More >>

Google Unveils Digital Catalogue of Lost Artefacts From Brazil’s Fire-Ravaged National Museum

Following a catastrophic fire in September that destroyed millions of priceless items at the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Google has unveiled a project that preserved some of those precious artefacts and can now be explored through Google Street View. Read More >>

These 4,000-Year-Old Termite Mounds Can Be Seen From Space

Scientists have discovered an immense grouping of freakishly large termite mounds in northeastern Brazil. Obscured by trees, the previously undetected array occupies a space equal to the size of Great Britain. Read More >>

Pieces of Ancient Luzia Skull Recovered From Scorched Brazilian Museum

A recovery team working at the site of Brazil’s burnt-out National Museum in Rio de Janeiro have rescued several pieces of the 11,500-year-old Luzia skull—one of the most ancient human fossils ever discovered in the Americas. Read More >>

Flames Engulf Brazil’s National Museum, Destroying Massive Cultural and Scientific Collection

11,000 years’ worth of artefacts went up in smoke as the 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro—one of the largest collections in the Americas—burned down in a massive firestorm early this morning. Read More >>

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To Protect Lone Survivor of Decimated Amazon Tribe, Group Releases Footage Proving He’s Still Alive

An indigenous protection agency in Brazil has released footage of a man who has lived alone in the Amazon forest, in the state of Rondônia, for at least 22 years. Read More >>

Identity Theft Is Exploding in Developing Countries

New data reveals the global circulation of stolen identities is leading to major shifts in cybercrime worldwide, with developing countries cultivating newly formed internet-based economies responsible for a generous amount of fake and stolen account activity. Read More >>

Rio Looks Apocalyptic a Year After the Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were doomed from the start. Some daft optimists thought that maybe, just maybe, if we just believed in Brazil, the politicians would pull through on their promises that the games would lift the city up to a new level of prosperity. But a year later, the opposite is true. Read More >>

Uber Has a Murder Problem

The popular livery and union-busting service Uber is catching heat in Brazil because its drivers keep getting robbed and murdered. This isn’t the first time that the company has struggled with murder in its ranks. But holy shit, a recent report has some horrifying new details. Read More >>