Waste Crumpets Mashed into Toasty Craft Beer

Bread maker Warburtons has found something better to do with its misshapen crumpets than simply fattening up its staff and keeping them carb-docile, as it has started dumping waste breads off to a brewery that's sciencing all the bread and bread-ish products into a beer. Read More >>

Scientist Bakes Ancient Egyptian Bread, is Probably Cursed Now

If you found 4,500 year old yeast in some dank Egyptian pottery, what would your first thought be? Apparently, the correct answer is, "I want to put this in my mouth and eat it. My body is a temple. I enjoy being cursed." Read More >>

Tesco Goes Wartime With Stale Bread Reuse Plan

Tesco is doing its bit to preserve food supplies on the home front, and has decided to put all of the unwanted baguettes it can't even shift with a series of discount stickers to good use, like that woman with the ginger hair does in all those WWII documentaries. You know, the cooking woman, who pretends it's the olden days all the time. Ruth something? Read More >>

Bread Bags Bravely Enlist to be Recycled for Greater Good

Millions of poor little bread bags have agreed to be gathered up and melted down in a touching act of self-sacrifice, thanks to a recycling initiative backed by sandwich kingpin Hovis. Read More >>

Discovery of 14,000-Year-Old Toast Suggests Bread Can Be Added to Paleo Diet

Archaeologists have uncovered the earliest evidence of bread-making at a site in northeastern Jordan. Dating back some 14,400 years, the discovery shows that ancient hunter-gatherers were making and eating bread 4,000 years before the Neolithic era and the introduction of agriculture. So much for the “Paleo Diet” actually being a thing. Read More >>

Knob Manufacturer Triggers Crisis for Knob-Throwing Event

A local knob throwing event is not going to take place this year, after the sole manufacturer of the knobs used decided not to supply the usual mountain of knobs. Read More >>

Bespoke Bakery Section Planned for the International Space Station

A team of German engineers is using a forthcoming mission to the ISS to solve one of the greatest problems that faces modern astronauts -- how to get good bread. Read More >>

Actually, Bread Crusts Are Good

The world might feel like it’s ending, but that doesn’t mean researchers should give up the pursuit of establishing truths via evidence-based science. Nor should they give up the aromatic crusts of a fresh-baked loaf of French baguette. Ooh la la, happy Friday. Read More >>

Bread Starts Screwing the Environment Before It’s a Loaf

Welcome to planet Earth, little wheat berry. I know, you didn’t ask to be brought into the world… no one did. But you should know that you started fucking the planet over just by being here. Read More >>

There Could Be a Crazy Health Benefit to Eating Stale Bread

Every other day, someone writes a story about something causing or preventing cancer. Usually, it’s all hype or the explanation is a snooze, but sometimes, the research is just strange enough to grab our attention. That’s the case with a new study, which details how stale bread might help ward off colon cancer. Read More >>

Sylvester Stallone Signs up for Dangerous Bread Advertising Mission

Hollywood beefcake Sylvester Stallone will soon be appearing on UK TV screens in a challenging new role, in which he'll become the grizzled face of sliced loaf maker Warburtons. Read More >>

Stop Refrigerating Your Butter

Do you keep your butter in the fridge? You do? Stop it. Stop it right this second. You're ruining your butter experience and making your toast taste like failure. Let me tell you why. Read More >>

Making Hot Air Bread Balloons With an Industrial-Strength Blower

Here is the most fun way to make bread: prepare a massive pile of dough, brightly coloured with natural dyes; cut off a small section and flatten it out; place that pizza-like sheet on top of an industrial-strength blower and watch it inflate into a toasty, instantly edible balloon. Read More >>

Man Pays £450 for a Loaf of Bread — And Doesn’t Notice

Shopper John Brown popped into his local ASDA to buy bread, eggs and jam, three of the four cornerstones of a healthy diet (the fourth cornerstone is sausages, which we assume he already had at home). Three days later his bank refused to let him withdraw cash, and only then did he realise he'd been charged £450 for a loaf in an ASDA misprice/checkout catastrophe. He's getting a refund. [Metro] Read More >>

Lamps Made From Real Bread Must Smell Delicious

There's no incense, air freshener, or scented candle on earth that smells as good as freshly baked bread. So turning a loaf into a warm glowing lamp that probably smells amazing is worthy of some kind of award, right? If not the Nobel Prize, then definitely your hard earned money. Read More >>