Fried Greasy Meat is Now an Old Man’s Breakfast

Here's yet more bad news for sad men who have inadvertently landed on this site while trying to find the Daily Star's crowdfunder for the ringing of Big Ben, as news has broken that the traditional 'Full English' breakfast medley of assorted fried low-grade meats is on the way out with the youngsters. And you don't want to know what type of milk they're putting in their tea now. How do you even get milk out of one of those? Read More >>

Eating Breakfast May Not Be That Helpful for Weight Loss After All

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, but according to a new review out Wednesday in the BMJ, it won’t help you lose weight. The study found no good evidence that regularly eating breakfast helps us cut down on calories or avoid weight gain. More damning, it even found some evidence that skipping breakfast entirely would be better for our waistlines – although you should probably find better ways to stay fit. Read More >>

Morrisons Increases Breakfast Sausage Content by 50 Per Cent

The number of sausages you get with the new Morrisons cooked breakfast has defied current food industry shrinkage trends and increased, with the supermarket's newly launched Big Daddy breakfast option raising the sausage count from two to three. And they say the UK can no longer innovate. Read More >>

Wait, My Lego Toys Could Have Been Making Me Breakfast All These Years?

Breakfast may or may not be the most important meal of the day, but it’s also arguably hardest to make. Can you really trust yourself to safely use a hot stove while you’re still half asleep? Obviously not, and why go to all that effort when you can build a Lego machine to make you bacon and eggs while you catch a few extra minutes of shuteye. Read More >>

Even Weetabix Is Leaving The UK

In a devastating blow to the league of oldsters trying to bring back some sort of imaginary 'golden age' to the UK, British-as-fish-and-chips breakfast cereal Weetabix is jumping ship to the US. Read More >>

Thousands of Tiny Flipping Discs Power This Mesmerising Kinetic Display

The old-school mechanical displays you’d find at airports and train stations listing arrival and departure times have long since been replaced with flat screen TVs. They’re not gone forever, though, thanks to one company who thinks flip-disc displays deserve a revival. Read More >>

The Olympian’s Breakfast Contains Meat, Nuts, and Even More Meat

If you want to get as fit as an Olympic athlete you need to dedicate your entire life to training in your sport. You can also eat a whole lot of meat and nuts for breakfast. And when we say meat, we mean real meat—the kind you can’t get in basic supermarkets. Read More >>

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Watch This Machine Put Together Sunday Breakfast

A 69-year-old retired airline pilot spent 1,000 hours over three months putting together this contraption that can serve runny soft-boiled eggs, make toast, offer tea, and hand over the newspaper. Sign us up. [Mashable] Read More >>

A Hot Breakfast Looks Even More Delicious Under a Thermal Camera

Scrape the sleep out of your eyes because even the most quotidian breakfast foods look like insane NASA photos through a thermal camera. Read More >>

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Pizza is a Great Excuse to Eat Pizza for Breakfast

What would you say about eating a cooked breakfast on a pizza? Sizzling bacon, a runny egg and perfectly melted cheese on top of pizza dough. Maybe add mushrooms and chives if you'd like. How can you say no? I know I couldn't. Even if there's no tomato sauce, I'd eat the heck out of this breakfast pizza every morning. Read More >>

Deconstructed Fry-up in a Bun Bowl Wins Best Breakfast Award

London-based restaurant Bunnychow has picked up the Best Breakfast award that's been dished out as part of the National Breakfast Week celebrations, with its vertically stacked, self-contained fry-up deemed the best way to fill yourself up of a morning. Read More >>

This Grapefruit Sectioner Might Be the Most Specific Kitchen Gadget

No longer do those wanting to eat healthy at breakfast have to live in fear of the backlash from the grapefruit they're digging into. This Citrus Sectioner replaces your spoon with a purpose-built contraption that safely and easily removes a wedge from your favourite morning fruit—minus any geysers of blinding juice. Read More >>

Do You Eat Breakfast? Why Not?

There seems to be a constant tug-of-war on the subject of breakfast. Is it really our most important meal of the day? Can shoving some porridge down your gullet actually help you lose weight? I ask this because new research is claiming that skipping breakfast has no effect on weight gain whatsoever. Read More >>