Breitling’s First Plastic Watch Still Costs a Damn Fortune

If you like the look of a beefy timekeeper on your wrist, but without all the weight, Breitling’s new Avenger Hurricane is the company’s first with a housing made from plastic. Or, more specifically, a new lightweight proprietary polymer it calls Breitlight. Read More >>

Breitling’s First Smartwatch Isn’t Overloaded With Functionality

Many have criticised Apple for trying to cram too much functionality into a wearable device with a tiny touchscreen and short battery life. Breitling's first smartwatch is simpler: the B55 Connected will wirelessly communicate with your smartphone too, but only to make the watch's core functionality easier to use. Read More >>

Breitling Emergency II: A Satellite Distress Signal On Your Wrist

Breitling's original Emergency watch first launched back in 1995 and was able to broadcast a distress signal on the 121.5 MHz analog band allowing ships, planes, and other vehicles to track it. But if your approximate location wasn't already known, it made locating the signal a bit tricky. So Breitling is introducing an upgraded version of the watch—the Emergency II—that adds the ability to send a distress signal to satellites circling overhead, so no matter where on Earth you're lost, you can be found. Read More >>

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Is This the Most Beautiful Airplane Ever Created? I Say Yes

I recently flew a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk from World War II (with three kills). It was a beautiful experience in a beautiful plane, but it pales in comparison with the P-51 Mustang. Watch and enjoy this amazing classic airplane porn. Read More >>