Booze Shop Stockpiles Wine in Case of Brexit Import Crisis

Posh off licence chain Majestic Wine is preparing for the infinite branching possible future Brexit scenarios in the only way it knows how – by stockpiling wine. Stick to what you know and it'll all turn out fine. Read More >>

Mr Kipling is Making an Exceedingly Good Brexit Stockpile

Among the bad, worse, and outright terrible news filtering down from The Powers That Brexit, there's a small slice of hope: Mr Kipling maker Premier Foods is creating a giant stockpile of ingredients so it can still make delicious treats after we drive off the metaphorical cliff. Read More >>

Apple is Frustrating the Brexit Preparedness Process

One of the myriad Brexit complexities is that of compiling a list of the all the potentially deadly foreign types of people that are living in the country under current EU nomadic human roaming rules, so they can correctly apply for "settled status" in the UK and continue to work and live and enjoy being hated by a small percentage of the population that can't spell their surnames once Brexit locks the gates. Read More >>

Government Plans Special Brexit 50p

People who enjoy collecting all the types of 50 pence coin we have here in the UK are about to be told to look out for another one, but it might be one that a sizeable percentage of the population would rather not get in their change and will instead frisbee into the nearest charity slot. It's about Brexit. A Brexit 50p. Get those jokes in fast. The best one we've thought of so far is it should actually be worth 51.9 pence in honour of the percentage of Leave votes, which would also make shopping more complicated as an additional Brexit metaphor. Read More >>

The Good News is They’re Ending the Funny Grown-Up Ladybird Books…

...the bad news is there's one about Brexit to silently nod through before the suffering ends, as The Story of Brexit is released in the pleasing little hardback format this week. Everyone is ordering it for everyone else for Christmas, so it doesn't matter what we think. Read More >>

Want a Second EU Referendum? Show Up to the People’s Vote March

Tomorrow is the People's Vote rally in Central London, and it's so important that even MPs are urging people to attend. Read More >>

Political Facebook Ads Will Now Show Who Paid For Them

In its never-ending quest to regain some respect, Facebook has implemented a new system for political ads on its platform that promises greater transparency. Read More >>

Meet The Brexit Doomsday Survivalists Who Are Stockpiling For No Deal

Back in the mid-2000s, when it seemed that the world was still getting incrementally better, one of my favourite things to do was to watch documentaries about and read about crazy survivalists in America. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Kicks Out More Foreign-Sounding Booze

That man who owns those pubs is getting political again, with Mr Wetherspoon demanding his suppliers source more British-sounding alcohols instead of your bloody foreign rubbish like Courvoisier and Jägermeister. It's not racism, of course, because you can't be racist to objects and also because drinks sourced from outside the EU are cheaper and taste better, says the JDW owner. Read More >>

Cadbury Stockpiles Double Deckers to Ease Brexit Civil Unrest

Mondelez, the international conglomerate that currently owns our classic Cadbury brand, is preparing for all sorts of Brexit — including one where food chain disruption might halt the manufacturing processes of our favourite chocolate brands. Politics is one thing, but no Double Deckers to munch the pain away with? Whole new level of suffering. Read More >>

Shutting Out Third Party Apps Is Twitter’s Very Own Moment Of Brexit Madness

Last Thursday, Twitter did something that the Brexiteers have been trying to do since the 23rd June 2016: It took back control. Read More >>

The Government Has Announced New Funding For Spaceports – But Brexit Is Already Worrying The UK Space Industry

There’s some exciting nerd news today, as the government has announced that it is splashing some cash on helping the UK get its own spaceports. Read More >>

Rage Against the Machine Wishes it to be Known That They do Not Endorse Nigel Farage

90s rock-fury band Rage Against the Machine is once again back in the headlines, this time because of Brexit vox-pop king Nigel Farage and his niche podcast for similar middle-aged white outcasts. Read More >>

EU Ambassadors Approve Electronic Travel Authorisation System For “Third Countries” (That Means Us Now)

Another slow clap for the Brexiteers today as ambassadors to the European Union have all agreed on a new system that will see the EU adopt an ESTA-style visa approval system for anyone visiting the Schengen Area from a non-EU country. And because Britain is in the midst of a national nervous breakdown, where we voted to make life actively worse for ourselves, that will include us too. Read More >>

Ryanair Says it Probably Won’t Detonate its Business to Make a Point About Brexit

You'll never guess what. Ryanair has backtracked ever-so-slightly over its boss's pronouncement that he'd like to ground his fleet to teach Brexit voters a lesson, with the flier saying it'll try not to deliberately make anyone's life harder or stop them going to nice places. Read More >>