The Government Has Announced New Funding For Spaceports – But Brexit Is Already Worrying The UK Space Industry

There’s some exciting nerd news today, as the government has announced that it is splashing some cash on helping the UK get its own spaceports. Read More >>

Rage Against the Machine Wishes it to be Known That They do Not Endorse Nigel Farage

90s rock-fury band Rage Against the Machine is once again back in the headlines, this time because of Brexit vox-pop king Nigel Farage and his niche podcast for similar middle-aged white outcasts. Read More >>

EU Ambassadors Approve Electronic Travel Authorisation System For “Third Countries” (That Means Us Now)

Another slow clap for the Brexiteers today as ambassadors to the European Union have all agreed on a new system that will see the EU adopt an ESTA-style visa approval system for anyone visiting the Schengen Area from a non-EU country. And because Britain is in the midst of a national nervous breakdown, where we voted to make life actively worse for ourselves, that will include us too. Read More >>

Ryanair Says it Probably Won’t Detonate its Business to Make a Point About Brexit

You'll never guess what. Ryanair has backtracked ever-so-slightly over its boss's pronouncement that he'd like to ground his fleet to teach Brexit voters a lesson, with the flier saying it'll try not to deliberately make anyone's life harder or stop them going to nice places. Read More >>

Ryanair Boss Threatens Brexiters With Holidays to Scotland

Ryanair's outspoken boss Michael O’Leary has had a cracking idea about how to get Brexit voters to change their minds and petition the government to call the whole thing off -- ground his planes and make everyone go to Scotland for their holidays instead. Read More >>

Maplin Joins Toys R Us in Going Full Woolworths

Two UK high street names have called in the administrators on the same day, with Toys R Us officially now in the hands of the accountants and Maplin joining the toy chain in admitting defeat and throwing in the Samsung-branded smart-towel. Read More >>

It’ll Be Pints of Champagne for Everyone on Brexit Day

One English winemaker is already planning for the Brexit celebrations and/or sorrows-drownings, by bottling up its rough approximation of champagne in pint bottles. Because Winston Churchill said so. Read More >>

Three Russian-Bought Immigration Ads Have Been Uncovered by Facebook’s Brexit Investigation

About a month ago Facebook seemingly admitted that Russia tried to meddle with last year's Brexit vote, later promising to assist in any government investigations into the mater. Obviously it's doing its own internal investigation, which uncovered three ads paid for by someone in Russia. Read More >>

The Electoral Commission Has Asked Google About Potential Russian Meddling With Brexit

The idea that Russia may have tried to influence last year's Brexit referendum isn't new, with both Facebook and Twitter seemingly being used to spread anti-EU propaganda. The Electoral Commission is currently investigating the possibility, and has asked Google for its cooperation. Read More >>

Facebook Seemingly Admits Russia Tried to Meddle With the Brexit Vote

Earlier this week we heard about how some confirmed Russian troll accounts on Twitter had been posting pro-Brexit views, while trying to stir up trouble. Now Facebook seems to have admitted that the country did try and meddle with the Brexit vote in some small way. Read More >>

Russian Twitter Trolls Seemed to be Pro-Brexit

It's long been suspected that Russia had attempted to influence the US presidential election last year, but since that possibility was looking more and more likely people started asking whether or not the same was attempted with Brexit. According to a report from Wired, it looks like they might have at least tried. Read More >>

Thanks to Brexit, John Lewis’ Profits Are Down By Half

Oh dear; things aren't looking too good for the high street department store. John Lewis has revealed that its profits for the first half of the year have fell by 53.3 per cent. Read More >>

Alan Partridge is Returning to the BBC as ‘The Voice of Brexit’

Steve Coogan has revealed that Alan Partridge will be returning to the BBC after a 15-year hiatus as 'the voice of the BBC'. This will mark the first time the parody newscaster has appeared on the channel in 15 years. Read More >>

Happy Brexit Day! Here’s What Happened After One Year Of Taking Back Control

Today marks one year to do the day since Britain patriotically voted to throw off the shackles of Brussels and go it alone in the world as a free, independent nation. “Today is our Independence Day!” declared hero of the hour Nigel Farage upon winning. Read More >>

Three Is The Only UK Network That Will Commit To Not Reinstating Roaming Charges After Brexit

Yesterday was a big day for Europe, as mobile roaming charges were abolished across the continent. Thanks to the European Union's Digital Single Market initiative, mobile networks are now unable to charge you exorbitant fees when you travel in any of the 27 other EU countries. This means that you can call, text, and crucially use data as you would in Britain. Read More >>