Leave Voters Don’t Trust Politicians or… Scientists

Research into the varying mindsets of people who voted either Leave or Remain in last year's EU referendum shows quite a range of differences in trust between the two camps, with those who voted Leave less likely to trust anyone across the board. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Books Join Brexit Price Pileup

Any tech mavericks looking to buy one of Microsoft's Surface Book tablet/laptop hybrids are the latest victims of the international currency market's reaction to the Brexit vote, with Microsoft confirming that it's added over 10 per cent to the RRP of the consumer hardware range because of that thing to do with men in suits and graphs. Read More >>

Quick, Buy A Sonos Before The Brexit Price Rise Kicks In

Yet another tech company is jacking up its prices because of Brexit: fancypants connected speaker company Sonos. Read More >>

Tim Cook Thinks The UK Will Be “Just Fine” After Brexit

Apple CEO Tim Cook's on tour, hopping around Europe and now the UK for a series of increasingly toothy PR photos with appropriately noble companions - the latest of which is PM Theresa May. Read More >>

Brits Won’t Benefit From EU Roaming Caps Post-Brexit

Great news, everyone! The days of being too terrified to even use your phone as a clock when on holiday lest it cost you money are coming back, with the bureaucrats behind the EU's new total block on network roaming fees saying it WON'T automatically apply to travelling UK residents once the Brexit scenario is in place in 2019 or thereabouts. Read More >>

Brits Flock to Sealand to Escape Tarnished Mainland

The extremely small and mostly concrete principality of Sealand is experiencing a surge in popularity, as UK citizens not keen on retaining a British passport regardless of its future colour are attempting to switch nationalities. Read More >>

UK App Store Prices to Rocket by 25 Per Cent Thanks to the B-Word

Apple is about to raise the prices it wants for items in the UK App Store, with the lowest cost item priced at 79p to skyrocket to 99p thanks to the exchange rates and the news and all that. Read More >>

British Sandwich Association Excited About Brexit Food Labelling Possibilities

The people in charge of sandwiches in the UK are excited about the wide range of possibilities opened up by the Brexit vote's potential binning of some EU regulations, and have suggested -- brace yourselves! -- that changing "use by" to "use by end of" on sandwich packaging may be a revolutionary change that could turn the tide on food waste. Read More >>

OXO and Bisto in Brexit Fiasco

Graphs about pounds and euros are about to mean something in the real world for once -- the price of a selection of the bravest British foodstuffs is about to increase, thanks to food conglomerate Premier Foods lifting the prices on many of its most popular brands because of the turmoil created by the b-word. Read More >>

Brexit Be Damned: Snapchat’s On A Hiring Spree In The UK

Finally, some good news for Brexit Britain: the company behind Snapchat is actively growing its London office, their largest outside the US. The company, now known as Snap Inc since diversifying into wearables, says that Britain's creative culture led them to make the decision to establish a base here. Well, it certainly wasn't the climate (economic or otherwise). Read More >>

The Official Giz UK Post-Brexit & Post-Trump Christmas Gift Guide

2016 has been a hellish year, all things considered - but looking ahead to 2017 and things could be about to get even worse. On January 20th, Donald Trump will be moving into the White House - and no doubt cladding it in gold straight after. Over here in Britain, Theresa May has said that she’ll invoke Article 50 by the end of March, starting the countdown clock on Britain leaving the European Union. Read More >>

2016’s Word of the Year is, Unsurprisingly, “Brexit”

The use of the word "Brexit" rocketed by some 3,400 per cent this year, leaving dictionary maker Collins in no doubt as to what it means -- it's the Word of the Year. Read More >>

We Asked an FBI Hostage Negotiator How Britain Should Negotiate Brexit

If you want a vision of Britain’s future, imagine a seemingly endless series of boring technical negotiations with our European friends. Following the Brexit vote on June 23rd, our number one national priority is to negotiate our divorce with the continent that we used to be so in love with. Who will have the big telly? How often will we get to visit the kids? And, umm, how will we know how many fish we can each catch without a Common Fisheries Policy? And so on. Read More >>

Home Office Hoping a Passport Colour Change Gets Kids Excited About Brexit

Yesterday we had EU travel visas, today it’s passports. The Home Office has suggested that the colour of British passports could change as a consequence of the decision to leave the EU, with blue potentially set to make a comeback. Read More >>

British Citizens May Soon Need a £50 Visa to Travel to Europe

Ah, balls. Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving, means that Brits may soon have to apply for and purchase a travel visa in order to go on holiday in Europe. Read More >>