‘Crown Prince Of Samsung’ Arrested, May Become Crown Prince Of Prison

It's more bad news for Samsung as its de-facto leader, Jay Y. Lee, has been arrested in South Korea in an ongoing investigation into bribery and corruption. Read More >>

“Crown Prince of Samsung” Avoids Arrest – For The Time Being

The warrant to arrest top Samsung exec Jay Y. Lee has been dismissed today by a court in South Korea and the de-facto company head has been allowed to leave the Seoul Detention Centre where he was being held, reports Reuters. Known in local media as the "Crown Prince of Samsung," Vice Chairman Lee leads the company in the absence of his chairman father Lee Kun-hee, who had a heart attack in 2014. Read More >>

Top Samsung Exec Faces Arrest in Massive Corruption Scandal

South Korea is in political chaos after the recent impeachment of its President, Park Geun-hye, and now, the charges of corruption are spreading to the highest levels of Samsung. A prosecutor is seeking the arrest of the company’s vice chairman and de facto leader, Jay Y. Lee. Read More >>

Samsung Tried to Bribe Chinese Man to Keep Exploding Phone Video Private

When a Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in China, its owner started filming the damage. That’s to be expected. Read More >>

Criminals Got Off the Hook by Bribing London’s Police

A report into police corruption claims that criminal gangs were able to access Metropolitan Police files pretty much at will, bribing their way into confidential murder investigation reports and learning about surveillance operations so some could evade prosecution. Read More >>

NSA Paid A £6 Million Bribe to A Security Firm to Keep Encryption Weak

Reuters reports that the NSA security firm paid massive computer security firm RSA £6 million to promote a flawed encryption system so that the US spook organization could wiggle its way around security. In other words, it bribed the firm to leave the back door to computers all over the world open. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Is Being Investigated for Bribery

The WSJ reports that the US government is investigating Microsoft for bribery. According to unnamed sources, Microsoft paid off foreign government officials to get software contracts. Read More >>