Latest Update Bricks Some Apple Watches

Whoops. The latest software update for the Apple Watch bricked the device for some users. Even worse? It looks like the only way to really fix the problem is to return the Apple Watch to the Apple Store. Read More >>

Sony Manages to Brick Yet More Devices

What the hell is Sony playing at right now? After bricking a tonne of PS3s, now Sony's managed to right-royally screw up a butt-load of people's Freeview boxes. What the hell Sony? Read More >>

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How to Fix Your Bricked PS3 (or Safely Update)

Following Sony's massive PS3 firmware-update cockup, which ended up bricking a load of consoles, it's detailed the steps you need to take to recover your console, or update successfully without causing any more damage. Read More >>

Sony Fixing PS3s Bricked by Recent Firmware Update on June 27th

The handful of PS3s that were rendered unusable by a dodgy official firmware upgrade should be functional again by the end of the week, thanks to a reworked software upgrade Sony will have ready for launch in a few days. The pulled 4.45 firmware crippled some PS3s by removing the XMB system interface. You'll soon be happy again if it bonked yours. [Sony via Techradar] Read More >>