What On Earth is Going On With Lego BrickHeadz?

I buy a lot of Lego, and as such, I frequent the Lego website quite a lot, scouting out my next purchase. I'm also quite keen on keeping an eye on what new sets are landing, as the 1st of each month often brings in some new releases. Read More >>

New BrickHeadz Are Coming For The Lego Movie 2

There's not long at all to wait before The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part hits cinemas and We. Are. Excited. Read More >>

Lego’s Got a New AR App, and it’s All About the BrickHeadz

Lego's invested a lot in AR apps recently, the the point where it was involved in Apple's WWDC keynote during the section where Apple was bigging up all the possibilities offered by ARKit 2. Now there's a new augmented reality Lego app available, all focused on the Brickheadz. Shockingly it also appears to be exclusive to Android, at least for the time being. Read More >>