The KLF Offers Discount MuMufication to Toxteth Residents for Black Friday

K2 Plant Hire Ltd, the art group that came about because of a pre-pack administration of the artists formerly known as the KLF, has a Black Friday deal going on at the moment too. It will preserve the cremated remains of residents of Toxteth in a red brick for a one-off bargain price of 99p for over-80s, or £9.99 for under-23s. Usual price £99.99. We've been waiting for MuMufication to come down to that price for ages. Read More >>

Outraged People are Outraged That German Bricks are Being Used for a War Memorial

Pallets of bricks arriving in the country from international building supplies merchant Wienerberger are triggering outrage in people who already have a lot of outrage on their plates, with these bricks destined for RAF Biggin Hill -- where they are to be used to construct additional works at St George’s Chapel, a memorial to the Biggin Hill pilots and staff who died in WWII. Read More >>

London Building Torn Apart by Earthquake or Art

Has this building been torn apart by an earthquake? Have its foundations been undermined by a pop star's super basement excavations? Or is the boring reason for the tear in its facade that it's just a bit of art? Read More >>

Lunar Colonists May Make Bricks From Moon Dust and Sunlight

Scientists with the European Space Agency have shown that it’s possible to make durable bricks using simulated Moon dust and concentrated sunlight. A similar approach may eventually allow lunar colonists to 3D-print their own habitats and structures using materials found on the Moon. Read More >>

Fancy Brick Thieves Are Stealing Church Walls and Bits of Cemeteries

Some of London's oldest bricks are the newest target of the city's thieves, with the coveted yellow bricks as used by the Victorians and their forefathers to build everything that's nice and still standing triggering smash and grab raids across the city. Read More >>

Cave and Farm Lego Minecraft Sets Ready to Launch

Two new Lego sets based around virtual brick 'em up smash Minecraft have been uncovered, with Farm and Cave sets -- complete with creepers, cows and sheep -- nearly ready to takeyourmoney.gif. Read More >>

Lego Train Sets are the Worst for Over-Inflated Per-Brick Pricing

Exhaustive analysis into the price of Lego bricks has revealed that parents of children who like both Lego and trains are getting the metaphorical brick in the sole of the foot treatment, with train sets bucking the trend and costing more than their less thrilling equivalents. Read More >>

Would You Live in a House of Bricks Made from Pee and Bacteria?

To make a concrete bench, add sand, bacteria, calcium chloride, and some really concentrated pee? Read More >>

Beer Brewing Byproduct Makes Bricks Insulate Better

Beer and brick have both been essential to humanity for thousands of years, dual pillars that helped us build the societies we know today. Now, scientists have combined them, fortifying bricks with grains left over from breweries to create bricks that keep a building better insulated. Turns out beer really can keep you warm on a cold day. Read More >>

Sony Manages to Brick Yet More Devices

What the hell is Sony playing at right now? After bricking a tonne of PS3s, now Sony's managed to right-royally screw up a butt-load of people's Freeview boxes. What the hell Sony? Read More >>

You’re Better Off Spending the Next 40 Minutes in Lego Heaven

You've got emails to check, bills to pay, coffee to drink. That mole still needs checking out. Your hairline has ceded yet more ground to your scalp. You know what's better than all that? Touring a world of unrivaled Lego treasures. Like, say, this one. Read More >>

Are Blood Bricks the Future of Building?

Take the blood of a freshly slaughtered animal. Mix thoroughly with preservatives and sand, pour into square molds, and bake for one hour. Allow to cool — then build your home from the result. No, really. Read More >>