Joanna Lumley Might Have to Pay for the Bridge That Never Happened

The Garden Bridge that was proposed to span the Thames but then never did because people came to their senses for once, could return to haunt the trustees behind the concept. One legal expert thinks the initial backers may have overstepped their responsibilities in promoting the idea and sloshing the money about before all permissions were granted, which could leave them liable for some of the £46m cost shouldered by the Department for Transport and Transport for London. Read More >>

This Crazy Bridge in Japan Looks More Like a Terrifying Roller Coaster

If you look straight onto the Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan, the ridiculously steep incline makes it look more like a roller coaster than a road for cars to drive on. I mean, come on, would you want to drive on that road? It’s basically a motorway to outer space, a shortcut to vomiting from nausea. Read More >>

London Shortlists Four Designs in Make-a-Footbridge Contest

The international competition to design a new foot and bike wheel bridge over the Thames is nearly at an end, with Wandsworth council revealing the final four shortlisted entries that could get built to add a new way to cross London's watery artery. Read More >>

St Paul’s Furious About London’s Garden Bridge Plan

The current managers of St Paul's Cathedral have come out rather firmly against the plan to create the Garden Bridge across the Thames, claiming the latest reworking of the riverside will further diminish the standing of one of London's oldest and most famous buildings. Read More >>

People and Cyclists Not Really Welcome on London’s Garden Bridge

The knives are out for London's future new garden bridge, with the project's backers revealing a few awkward details about it now it's gained planning permission. Read More >>

Panasonic’s Fat FZ1000 Zuperzoomer Shoots 4K Video

The new Lumix DMC-FZ1000 bridge camera from Panasonic has quite a few things to boast about, the key selling point being its ability to shoot 4K video at a solid 30fps -- and letting users pop out the equivalent of 8-Megapixel stills from the footage. Read More >>

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Watch 50,000 People Cross America’s Longest Suspension Bridge on Foot

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn is the U.S.'s longest suspension bridge, surpassing even the Golden Gate Bridge. Since 1976, it's served as the starting point of the New York City Marathon, which hosted over 50,000 competitors on November 3rd. Watch them all in this gorgeous time-lapse. Read More >>

Should London Build a Forest Bridge Across the Thames?

Artist-engineer Thomas Heatherwick's "Garden Bridge" proposal is open for public feedback in the UK. A heavily forested pathway stretching across the Thames, Heatherwick's bridge would be the second pedestrian-only bridge constructed in London in less than two decades, succeeding Norman Foster's initially infamous—but now enormously popular—Millennium Bridge, built in 2000. Read More >>

A Floating Suspension Bridge That Lets Cyclists Sail Over Car Traffic

Oh, to be a cyclist in the Netherlands. This steel tensioned deck lets cyclists ride high above a busy multi-lane motorway in Eindhoven—one of the most bike-friendly areas in the world. Read More >>

This Hooped Bridge is High Tension Maths

Earlier this year, a design competition was announced for a new pedestrian bridge in Salford. Called the Salford Meadows Bridge competition, and sponsored by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the actual winning design will be announced at the end of November. Read More >>

London’s Plan To Build A Garden Bridge Over The Thames

Thomas Heatherwick, designer of the London Olympic Cauldron as well as the British Pavilion at the 2008 Shanghai Expo, has unveiled renderings for a garden-filled pedestrian bridge across the Thames. Though more than £60 million in funding must still be found to make the project a reality, Heatherwick will proceed to submitting plans in the spring, and the bridge will undoubtedly benefit greatly from the support of long-time proponent Joanna Lumley (Patsy on Absolutely Fabulous): Read More >>

Thieves Steal Entire Bridge, The Whole Bridge, For Scrap Metal

The days of casually crossing a creek are over if you live in the Gölçük district of Kocaeli province in western Turkey. Which maybe you don't. But the point is that someone stole a 22-tonne, 82-foot-long bridge from there. It's just gone. Read More >>

Watch This Bridge Destroy Dozens of Trucks and Buses

Truckers of the world! No matter how many times you try it, no matter how much you duck inside your cabin as get through it, no matter how strongly you believe the warning signs don't apply to you, your vehicle is never going to be able to survive an encounter with Durham's 11-foot 8-inch tall bridge. Read More >>

This Is the Coolest Bridge I Can Possibly Imagine

This bridge truly rocks. A goddamn trampoline bridge! It might result in some broken necks and legs but screw it, that's the price you pay for having a way to cross the river Seine leaping like Spider-Man. Read More >>