Garden Bridge Should Be Uprooted, Says Brutal New Report

The PR disaster that is London's Garden Bridge has hit the headlines again today after Dame Margaret Hodge's newly-released report stated it should be cancelled outright. Read More >>

Collapsing Old Bridges are the New Tutting About Potholes

The UK's scenic collection of old bridges is in danger of becoming the nation's new infrastructure disgrace and source of outrage, as our thousands of heritage river crossings are in danger of falling apart unless we hire a fleet of bricklayers to fix them all up. Read More >>

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How Old Bridges Are Turned into Turntables

There’s a crap ton of steel in broken down bridges and some of that steel gets repurposed into things like turntables. It’s already fun to imagine a land-connecting structure being re-used for an instrument for sound, but it’s even cooler to see the whole melty metal process of it all. Read More >>

London’s Garden Bridge in Peril as Mayor Halts Works

London mayor Sadiq Khan may well be about to bring the controversial public/private Garden Bridge to an abrupt halt, as he's ordered some initial structural planning work to be put on hold pending new calculations on whether additional taxpayer money might be needed to make the project happen. Read More >>

London Mayor’s Latest Idea: Bridge Light Bulbs

London's still quite new mayor Sadiq Khan has gone live with another one of the ideas he was saving up for when he got the job, this time suggesting spending £20m on sticking loads of light bulbs on all of the capital's 17 cross-Thames bridges. Read More >>

New London Pedestrian Bridge Has a Spiralling Cyclist Solution

It’s by design that most modern cities grew up around rivers or coastlines. But today, those bodies of water pose problems for thousands of commuters who’d prefer to ride or walk – and cities are developing new infrastructure to bridge them. Read More >>

This “Bubble Curtain” Will Protect San Francisco’s Marine Life From the Bay Bridge Demolition

One of the largest remaining chunks of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge is coming down tomorrow, as engineers continue to dismantle the aging piece of infrastructure. But how to protect the fish and other wildlife in the area as it gets taken down? By blowing bubbles. Read More >>

Design Shortlist for London Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge Revealed

If you follow the news in London, you've probably heard about the plans for the ill-advised Garden Bridge, but did you know that a bit further west along the river plans are in motion for another bridge linking Nine Elms (which is currently undergoing extensive redevelopment with a tonne of towers being built) with Pimlico? Read More >>

China is Building a Glass-Bottom Suspension Bridge

Are you afraid of heights? Unable to stare over the lip of a building without going weak at the knees? Well, in that case we suggest you avoid a new project that's being working on in China. Looking down through it may just force your lunch up. Read More >>

This Bridge is Made From Nothing but 22,000 Sheets of Paper

No glue. No cables. No steel reinforcements. The only thing keeping this bridge intact is, well, physics. Read More >>

London Shortlists Four Designs in Make-a-Footbridge Contest

The international competition to design a new foot and bike wheel bridge over the Thames is nearly at an end, with Wandsworth council revealing the final four shortlisted entries that could get built to add a new way to cross London's watery artery. Read More >>

Architects Run Wild With Proposals for Another New London Bridge

The controversial garden bridge could soon be joined by another new crossing over the Thames, with Wandsworth Council suggesting that a new bridge linking Nine Elms and Pimlico is needed -- and asking architects both pro and am to submit proposals. Read More >>