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New Captain Marvel Footage Has Skrulls, Photon Blasts and the Birth of the MCU

Monday night marked the arrival of brand new footage from Captain Marvel. The film opens March 8, giving you two months to figure out when you want to see the film but, based on this new extended TV spot, that’s probably going to be as soon as possible. Check it out. Read More >>

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson on Flawed Heroes and Discovering Her Own Strength

You probably already know this, but Brie Larson is playing Captain Marvel in the upcoming film of the same name. She’s the first woman to headline a solo superhero movie from Marvel Studios, which many consider a big deal. Larson does not. Read More >>

Carol Danvers Is a Noble Warrior Hero in the New Captain Marvel Trailer 

The first trailer for Captain Marvel was big but we hadn’t seen anything yet. Now the second trailer is here, and the worlds of Carol Danvers have exploded onto the scene in ways that are sure to make your own head explode. Read More >>

Captain Marvel’s Triumphant First Trailer Shoots for the Stars

It’s nearly four years to the day since Marvel announced Captain Marvel was going to be part of its Cinematic Universe. Since we’ve waited, civil wars have been fought, Thanos has come and culled half of existence, and little by little we’ve had teases of her arrival. And now we finally have our first look at her in action. Read More >>