Vegans Begin Assimilation of Brighton Pier

A former doughnut booth on Brighton Pier is about to become the hottest new place to get a burger made with chickpeas or soya or really tightly rolled-up cabbage instead of ground-up cows, thanks to the imminent opening of all-vegan food seller Veg Up Your Day as part of the attraction's 2020 refurb. Read More >>

Thameslink Extends Trains for Kylie Minogue Pilgrims

Govia Thameslink is going all-out to stop festival goers getting upset by queues and a lack of seating on the escape back to the big city, as it's extending late night services to ferry coastal partiers home at the end of a night. Read More >>

Deliveroo Is Giving Out A Shedload Of Halo Top Ice Cream In January

Halo Top ice cream is a bit of a sensation in America, not least because of this freaky-deaky ad that has been haunting our dreams ever since it went viral: Read More >>

The Wrong Kind of Cannabis Restaurant is Coming the UK

A complicated kind of modern restaurant proposition is opening in Brighton soon, going by the name of The Canna Kitchen. It's a veggie and vegan restaurant with a twist. The twist being it's serving food flavoured with cannabis products, seeing as we're all permissive about that sort of thing now. Read More >>

Brighton School Bans Plastic and Says Straws Are as Bad as Cigarettes

Brighton College is launching its own little standalone war on plastic, with its headteacher saying it's time to start punishing children for bringing single use plastics in as part of their packed lunches. Read More >>

Brighton Joins Attacks on Uber and Refuses Licence Renewal

Hammered men on stag dos may soon have to find a new way of ordering a taxi to scrape them back to the Travelodge, as Brighton council has joined the war on Uber by refusing to renew the minicab firm's licence. Read More >>

Brighton Cheese Festival Branded a Cheeseless Shambles

The organisers of the Big Cheese festival in Brighton are facing the now familiar public backlash on social media, after attendees decided the ranges of cheese on offer weren't wide enough. Read More >>

Brighton Housing Crisis Eased by Massive Chocolate Sandcastle

Chocolate thing-maker Cadbury had a bit of a brainstorming session earlier this year, trying to come up with a way to promote a slightly new kind of chocolate it's got coming out. The idea? A massive chocolate sandcastle. Read More >>

A Stark Reminder That Drones Are Filling Our Skies

It's hard to avoid the increasing prevalence of drones, but in case you were in any doubt this artwork—Under the Shadow of the Drone—serves as a stark reminder that they're increasingly filling our skies. Read More >>

Brighton Plans “Gender Neutral” Public Toilet for Ladies, Gentlemen and Non-Specific Others

In an attempt to avoid marginalising people with both kinds of genitals, Brighton council is planning a "gender neutral" public toilet for men, women and anyone surgically, medically or mentally stuck halfway between. Read More >>

Quick! Get to Brighton! See the Amazing Obscene Christmas Lights!

This is brilliant. Whoever was tasked with putting up the Christmas lights in Brighton had a whale of a time, creating a huge male genitalia light sculpture that's only visible from the right angle and also hiding "BUY MORE SHIT" inside a display. Read More >>

Brighton Should Become Europe’s New Marijuana Holiday Spot, Says Green Party Man

The streets of London's favourite debauched coastal getaway town could turn into an even bigger mess at the weekend, thanks to a Green party spokesman putting out the idea that cannabis could be decriminalised within its limits, creating a little English Amsterdam on the south coast. Read More >>