Bristol Energy Company Sells Gas Generated From Sewage

A renewable energy company is supplying the people of Bristol with a unique and potentially endless source of clean energy -- gas made from rotting sewage. Read More >>

Banning Mermaids Will Just Force Them Underground

A lady who describes herself as being a mermaid — because she owns the relevant wearable tail accessory — has claimed unfair discrimination by swimming pools in Bristol, which have banned her and her kind from swimming in the city's leisure facilities. Read More >>

Bristol Wants an Underground Too

Bristol's mayor is imagining the future of his city right now, and guess what he sees? Trains. Trains going underground, so people can get to, like, the airport, without too much stress. Read More >>

Bristol Crane Opens for B&B

A listed former cargo crane in a dock in Bristol is the latest "glamping" pod for rich people to sit in on the Wi-Fi all day, with the crane-based treehouse now available for rent. Read More >>

air travel
The Last Concorde Comes Home to Bristol

British Airways' Alpha Foxtrot, the very last Concorde to be built, has arrived at its new home in Filton, Bristol, where it was made. Read More >>

UK School Names a House After Banksy, Banksy Gives Them a Mural

Turns out Banksy inspires more people than just hipsters and art snobs. Bridge Farm Primary, a primary school in Bristol, recently named a school house after the infamously anonymous artist. And Banksy has returned the favour. Read More >>

This is What Bristol Wankers Search For on Pornhub

Bristol’s a cool place, with hip people and expressive art and a huge theatre scene and cyclists galore and that big bridge that looks a bit like a harp. Bristolians’ porn habits, while every bit as alternative as the people themselves, are pretty damn strange. Read More >>

Pornhub and Gizmodo UK Present a Complete Guide to UK Porn Habits

Pornhub’s done some terrific work regarding porn stats of late, breaking down the browsing habits of wankers all over the world. Being major smut guzzlers ourselves, we at Giz UK wanted a piece of the x-rated action, and have worked alongside the porn giant to bring you the complete guide to UK porn habits. Read More >>

Traffic? Tinnitus? Tartarus? What is the ‘Bristol Hum’?

It’s back, apparently. Bristolians are once again being terrorised annoyed and enthralled by a low frequency humming sound, which was first recorded in the city in the 1970s. Nobody’s entirely sure what’s behind the noise, and every explanation put forward so far has raised eyebrows. Read More >>

Man Orders Kindle, Man Receives Human Tumour Instead

Thank you for making our Monday, FedEx. The company has confirmed that it accidentally mixed up orders for a Kindle and a tumour sample, leaving a Bristolian both extremely confused and without any bedtime stories. James Potten, a 37-year-old environmental consultant, posted his rather unusual complaint Twitter on the weekend, and it's a cracker. Read More >>

Bristol Stag-Do Lads Auction Off Spare Place Using eBay

Ben Kolb, from Bristol, was due to get married but disaster struck: one of his friends had dropped out of his stag-do, leaving a place to fill on the inevitably drunken night out. So what to do? Luckily his brother and best man, Alex Kolb, had the bright idea of putting the place up for grabs on eBay. And remarkably – it sold. Read More >>

Bristol Beats Loudmouth London to Win “Best” UK City Title

The Sunday Times has pulled together a seemingly arbitrary list of reasons why living in a particular urban spot might make you happy, deciding that the evidence points to Bristol as being the finest city in the UK. Read More >>

A 300ft Waterslide Could Be Coming to Bristol Town Centre This Summer

An Oxfam, a Starbucks, a Nandos. Add to these highstreet staples on Bristol's Park Street a 300ft waterslide installation art piece. Wheee! Read More >>

Cheeky Bristol Nightclub Claims to Be a Restaurant With Only Eight Forks

A nightclub in Bristol, which registered as a restaurant to obtain a licence to sell booze, was recently found to actually only own eight knives and forks, despite claiming to cater for up to 700 people. Were customers being encouraged to bring their own knives to the party? Read More >>

Curved Beer Glasses Make You Down Booze Quicker

Apparently we're a nation of binge drinkers, but it might not be all our fault. According to science, it's the curvy glasses we imbibe our beverages of choice from, they trick us into downing our beer quicker, so, err, blame them, not us. Read More >>